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#VHtakeontheworld – Singapore

After a perfect Californian wedding in August, we are back in the humidity and heat for the Singapore leg of #VHtakeontheworld.

In August, my immediate family flew to LA to meet the whole Chan Clan and the extended family – H’s uncles and aunties. This time in Singapore, they’ll get to meet my extended family. Interestingly enough, both H’s mom and my dad come from big families. H’s mom has 3 sisters and 1 brother while my dad has 4 brothers and 1 sister. That simply translates to loads of uncles and aunties for the both of us… And three weddings in three countries. 

Taiwan, we’ll see you next!

Working at Dream Factory by Ines Ligron

Dream Factory Singapore

There’s nothing like going to work and enjoying yourself. Here’s a little peek at how my desk normally looks at work. Well, I tidied up the desk just for the photo. The photo is missing the 5 pens, 4 files, 3 highlighters, 2 water bottles and 1 me at the desk.

This year, I started work at Dream Factory by Ines Ligron – a fashion studio that empowers and transforms women through styling and beauty classes. Working with the expert team, Ines Ligron herself and Hiroko Mima has been nothing short of inspiring! It is literally a dream come true. I am surrounded by beauties and beauty everyday. Best of all, we work to make a positive change and instill confidence in people.

Our studio is located at 76A Peck Seah Street. If you’re in the area, come by and say hi!

GP Batteries and Portable PowerBank Review

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Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve rummaged around the house looking for batteries, gleefully picked up a couple of batteries after several minutes of frantic searching only to find that they were out of juice? I have been in such a predicament myself one too many times. Just as your charge all your other devices, why not charge your batteries?

Introducing a more economical and environmentally conscious way of powering your life.

GP Batteries Singapore ReCyKo

The GP Rechargeable ReCyko+ battery that comes with an environmentally friendly charger!

I recently received the ReCyko+ rechargeable batteries and charger alongside my many other birthday gifts. The wireless mouse was one of the items I had to use a battery with. I ripped open the GP packet and instantly slipped these pre-charged rechargeable batteries into my mouse and viola, got instantly down to work. There was no waiting time! These ReCyko+ batteries are ready to use out of the packet.

GP Recyclable Batteries ReCyKo

You might ask, how are these rechargeable batteries any different from regular out of the packet ones?

GP ReCyko Rechargable Batteries

Firstly, GP ReCyko+ batteries can be recharged and reused up to 1000 times! Thinking about it, I can power 1000 things with these batteries! Remote controls, toys, torches, wireless mouse, digital cameras, game consoles, home phones, toys… Even a portable charger!

By using rechargeable batteries, a great amount of wastage is reduced. Because you can reuse these batteries 1000x, you’ll find yourself discarding less alkaline batteries. Stop throwing your money out and spending more on replacing dead batteries. Not only will rechargeable batteries save your wallet, you will also be doing the environment a great favour.

There are heavy metals and corrosive chemicals in all batteries (both new and old) which, to this day, present problems for disposal, especially landfills. The chemicals might get into our precious soil and/or water streams, poisoning the land which crops are grown and the waters that breed our fish. Sadly, despite technological advances, proven methods for disposing regular alkaline batteries have yet to be discovered. But, the good news is we can avoid all of that because rechargeable batteries can be recycled!

The GP ReCyko+ is suitable for a wide range of applications from low-drain devices such as torches and remote controls, to high-drain devices such as digital cameras and toys.

GP Rechargeable ReCyKo Batteries

So for an affordable price of $10.40 for 2 batteries or $20.40 for 4 batteries (both come with the battery charger), you can be sure that your devices and life will be always powered.

So aside from making sure my batteries are powered and ready to go, my mobile devices have to be fully charged and ready to go. Many times, they are used to connect me to my world. Whether it’s friends, family, emails, Instagram or Facebook, I use my iPhone, Blackberry and iPad to stay in touch with what’s going on. However, owing to my frequent use of data, more often than not, I find myself in a situation where at least 1 out of the 3 gadgets see red.

GP Singapore Portable PowerBank Review

In this situation, the GP Portable PowerBank is a HUGE lifesaver. I charged my phone to full capacity in just over 2 hours. And that’s WITH continuous texting and surfing!

Throughout the time it was charging, I didn’t have to worry about the heat from the Portable PowerBank. This is because the GP Portable PowerBank is in-built with the new Cool Power Technology, allowing it to be safe to use even for prolonged periods. There are 4 levels of safety protection, and they are
οΏ½ Over-current protection
οΏ½ Over-voltage protection
οΏ½ Under-voltage protection
οΏ½ Over-temperature protection

There was virtually no heat from the portable charger and I could comfortably leave the charging device next to me while I used the phone.

GP Portable PowerBank

In fact, the GP Portable PowerBank is so handy, I never leave home without it and it actually holds a permanent spot in my bag… right next to my phones.

GP Batteries Whats In My Bag

Not only are the GP Portable PowerBanks safe, they are highly reliable – a HUGE capacity of 5200mAh (a phone’s full charge usually takes up to just over 2000mAh) – so you can charge your iPhone to its maximum charge almost 2.5 times! Forgetting to charge your phone the night before is no longer and issue. Keep the GP Portable PowerBank in your bag and charge it to full, keeping you connected the whole day.

GP Singapore Portable PowerBank

Just like the GP ReCyko+ rechargeable batteries, the GP Portable PowerBank is a rechargeable device that can be used with any USB. You can always check the level of charge in the GP Portable PowerBank by the blue LED light on the front panel.

GP Portable PowerBank Charger

Suitable for a wide range of devices (iPhone, Android phones, and most USB enabled devices), this sleek-looking PowerBank is attractive and very lightweight. It is the perfect size to slip into an evening clutch too! Major plus points for combining functionality with form. I wouldn’t want to be seen lugging a huge generator around on my nights out.

GP Portable PowerBank Review

So if you’re on the go and need a quick power boost, the GP Portable PowerBank will certainly save the day.

GP Portable PowerBanks prices range from $68.80 (2000mAh) to $108.80 (5200mAh).

Now to win yourself one of these environmentally friendly devices I just mentioned, simply “Like” the GP Batteries Facebook page and get your friends to do so too! Once the page hits 300 “Likes”, you stand a chance to win. No purchase required!

Get your fingers working now always! πŸ˜‰