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FANCL to close all Singapore stores by March 2014

The beauty industry in Singapore is losing Japanese skincare brand FANCL.

In a shocking announcement, FANCL said that it would close its 13 standalone boutique stores. Known for its TenseUp EX collagen supplement and �dry� Facial Washing Powder, items I previously reviewed HERE, I am one of the many who are disappointed and saddened by the news. The company, however, has been in the red for a while. The FANCL Singapore online store has been inactive since October 2013.

The official word from FANCL in response to this is that they are “taking a breather”. They’ll be back in Singapore shortly (targeted April 2014) as a wholesaler.

What are your thoughts at the loss of Japanese skincare brand FANCL?

SK-II Cellumination EX Foundation Got or Not Challenge

I have had some pretty interesting first experiences. First it was getting fillers in front of a live audience, and now, I can add to that list: appearing in front of media and cameras sans makeup. You might think, WHAT? Aren’t you supposed to always look good in front of a crowd? Perfectly painted face, not a strand of hair out of place.

Wait, that’s not it. On top of appearing without makeup in front of media personnel, half my face had undergone a premium skincare treatment while the other did not. Normally you would apply skincare to your whole face, but I wanted to really test the efficacy of this skin care range. And what better way to view the results of the product than to test it on half your face?

That, my friends, was my first experience with the SK-II Cellumination EX range and it required me to use the Cellumination EX range for 3 full weeks… on HALF my face.

SKII Singapore Cellumination EX

SKII Cellumination EX Essence

The 3-week challenge was aptly named the “Foundation Got or Not Challenge”.�The message was simple: SK-II Cellumination EX was meant to give you clear, aura bright skin as if wearing light foundation.

I have always been a firm believer of having great skin. With flawless skin, you really never need to pile on the makeup. Thus, the idea of appearing almost bare-faced in front of a large of people wasn’t new to me. But presenting myself to a crowd with half my skin prepped and primed with SK-II, that had to be the true test of the Cellumination EX products. I was a first time SK-II user and I was eager to see results for myself.

SKII Singapore Cellumination EX

On media presentation day, key personnel from both digital and print media showed up to witness the unveiling of the “Foundation Got or Not Challenge”.

SKII Singapore Cellumination EX

SKII Singapore Cellumination EX

They also got the opportunity to try out the SK-II Cellumination EX products and conduct DIY experiments demonstrating the power of the SK-II Cellumination EX range.

SKII Singapore Cellumination EX

SKII Singapore Cellumination EX

The lovely Junita Simon was our host for the event.

SK-II Cellumination EX range

3 weeks before I started the “Foundation Got or Not Challenge”, I was sent a set of the SK-II Cellumination EX range. I had the SK-II Cellumination Mask-in Lotion, SK-II Cellumination Essence EX, SK-II Cellumination Day Surge, SK-II Facial Cleanser and the highly raved about SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.

According to tests done by SK-II experts, I scored relatively well on 4 out of 5 SK-II dimensions to crystal clear skin: Firmness Power, Wrinkle Resilience, Spot Control and Radiance Enhancement. I needed help with Texture Refinement.

SKII Singapore Cellumination EX

So, fast forward 3 weeks later, I appeared on stage with Venetia Stravens, makeup artist with 20 years of experience, to present the results of my “Foundation Got or Not” skin transformation with the SK-II Cellumination EX range.

SKII Singapore Cellumination EX

The big question was: Did the SK-II Cellumination EX range help me achieve translucent aura bright skin… on one side of my face? And would people be able to notice the difference between the two sides?

SK-II Singapore Cellumination EX

We got Junita and a member of the audience to come up and pick which side had undergone the SK-II transformation.

And they both got it right!

It didn’t take them long to decide that it was the left side of my face that a visible aura as if wearing light foundation. The SK-II Cellumination EX range works!

SK-II Singapore Cellumination EX

To demonstrate how the SK-II Cellumination EX range gives you a translucent aura glow from within, my co-host, makeup artist Venetia Stravens, goes on to apply the SK-II foundation onto the other half of the face.

Here’s a close up of my face without makeup.

SK-II Cellumination Singapore

Being confident bare-faced, is having translucent, crystal clear skin.

SK-II Singapore Cellumination EX

SK-II Singapore Cellumination EX

She explains how foundation is great for giving the skin a matt finish and correcting skin tone, but cannot replicate the aura brightness that comes from truly radiant and glowing skin. That comes from having a great skin care routine.

SK-II Singapore Cellumination EX

SK-II Singapore Cellumination EX

Venetia herself had also undergone the “Foundation Got or Not Challenge” and as she continues to finish my make up, she explains how the SK-II Cellumination EX range brightened up her skin after 3 weeks. By the end of the event, it was quite clear that we were both very happy with the results of our “Foundation Got or Not Challenge” results.

SK-II Singapore Cellumination EX

Beauty bloggers, Kas and Joey, were both at the event and marveled at how brave I was for going bare-faced in front of everybody! There was nothing to hide. When you have crystal clear skin, you’re completely comfortable in your own skin.

SK-II Singapore Cellumination EX

It was so much fun embarking on my very first SK-II experience. The “Foundation Got or Not” challenge really put the SK-II Cellumination EX range to the test… On my face! Hahaha. A big thank you to the team who put the event together and having me on board to experience the amazing transformation.

Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula

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It’s a real honour when your male photographer compliments you on your flawless skin. Although it’s mainly because he knows he’ll have a lot less work to do during the post-processing, it’s nevertheless awesome when someone notices how clear your skin is!

Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula

Having clear skin also saves me a lot of time when it comes to make up. On days when I feel lazy, a light dusting of foundation, some blusher topped off with mascara and eyeliner is all I need to face the world. In fact, I used to go to work with just sunblock and mascara!

Of course, I didnt always have the most perfect skin. Although I cant say I had bad acne, I do have some acne scars from before. It happens to even the best of us. We go through a stage of our lives where hormones wage war with our pores. Our skin gets oily, clogged, dull and pimples endlessly erupt in the most unwanted places. At those moments, it would seem as though your skin could rival the worn down roads with potholes on them. Oh you know it, we’ve all been through it (some of us might even still be going through it). This battle is what we call puberty.

Therapeutic Dermalogic Formula

Some lucky ones win the battle. I consider myself to be one of them. But when things get difficult, we turn to the skin experts. Skin doctors more often than not will recommend AHA, also known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids, to help treat oily & acne-prone skin. One particular brand respected in the field of dermatological skincare is Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula (TDF). Recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical practitioners, hospitals and retail pharmacists, Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula (TDF) is a pioneer in AHA glycolic acid formulations! No wonder it’s found in most of our local hospitals like Tan Tock Seng, Singapore General Hospital and Changi General Hospital.

TDF Locations

How AHA glycolic acid controls recurring acne breakouts is primarily by exfoliating and removing dead surface cells. But it goes deeper than that. It also helps to encourage the production of new collagen in the deeper layers of the skin! Out with the old and in with the new! New baby soft skin that is.

I’ve mentioned before in a post that scrubbing should be part of your basic skin care because it helps to remove surface dead skin. How AHA is significantly different from a regular mechanical scrub is the fact at higher concentrations, glycolic acid is the ingredient used by doctors to produce a chemical peel. AHA glycolic acid penetrates the layers of skin and removes blisters (upper few layers of the skin) to irritate the dermis, ordering it to produce new collagen. And more collagen means firmer and younger looking skin! Hooray for turning back the hands of time with your own TDF home chemical peel system!

I gave the set to my brother for a test run because he has oilier skin than I do. Also, he used to have quite bad acne and I think he’d be the best person to test the effectiveness of glycolic acid in regulating sebum production and controlling recurring acne breakouts. On top of that, he swims quite regularly and gets exposed to the sun quite a fair bit.

TDF Oily Acne Solution

You know how boys are when it comes to skin care. They simply, just. Dont. Care. But my brother has been diligent and the results have shown even merely after a few uses. Within a week, his skin is less shiny and he mentions how he likes the feeling of the Mild Astringent because it’s cooling and highly refreshing. The star product, however, has to be the AHA Oily & Acne Solution 8 though, because with 8% AHA glycolic acid, this solution is the one to give you your own daily chemical peel at home. His skin looks comparatively more radiant than it was just a week ago. I cant wait to see the full results of his skin transformation in 4 weeks!

Therapeutic Dermalogic Formula

So my brother got the fuller Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula set (because I’m a good sister that way) with 4 steps to the skincare regime, but if you dont already have a basic skin care routine or are looking for one to help combat specific skin care woes, here’s a hot deal you shouldn�t miss!

TDF Oily & Acne Starter Kit

Normally SGD$79, now you only pay SGD$49 for the Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula Oily & Acne Starter Kit. It’s the perfect set if you’re looking for a cleanser, toner and moisturiser to control your skin’s oil production. The Ultra Light Hydrator gets extra points for being sheer and lightweight because you never get a sticky feeling after application. Plus, given my recent escapades, I approve of the fact that the kit comes in a handy pouch. Great for carting around if you travel or need to carry it out to your workouts.

TDF C Scape Promo Box

Now now, dont get jealous if you’ve already got a skin care routine working for you. If you’re looking to up your basic skin care regime to a more advanced one (I swear my skin care routine is a 5 or 6 step one), the C-Scape Serum Bundle Pack is what you need to look at. With high doses of antioxidant Vitamin C in this pack, you’ll be looking at a firmer, brighter and wrinkle-free complexion in no time. A free 30ml bottle comes with purchase of 50ml, so you get 80ml worth of product at SGD$126. You know you’re getting real good stuff, because this TDF product is so fresh, you’ll have to keep it refrigerated.

Before you take the plunge to revolutionize your skin, I believe you should always try it to believe it. I normally prefer a starter kit like the Oily & Acne Starter Kit because it takes at least 2 weeks to see results and it’s important to have the complete regime. But you can always just try out the wash and TDF is giving YOU a free AHA Sample Wash!

1) “Like” Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula page
2) Click on “Grab Free Sample!” tab on the left column of the page
3) Fill in your particulars and select your preferred Guardian Pharmacy for collection

Tadah! You’re one step closer to getting clear skin like mine. Not only will you like the TDF Facebook page, there’ll be more of you to love!

Olay Project 360 – Hydration and Elasticity

Have you caught up with the rest of the Olay Project 360 episodes yet? In these two episodes you’ll more about hydration and elasticity of your skin. Hydration and elasticity are two important characteristics skin needs to be youthful and wrinkle-free. When skin is properly hydrated with water and the right moisturiser, you’ll find that your skin is clearer and you’ll look younger thanks to the non-existence of wrinkles!

Olay Project 360 Hydration

I love how Olay Project 360 makes understanding of these concepts so simple and easy. They illustrate it with everyday items and in the Hydration episode of Project 360 you’ll see how food is used to demonstrate the importance of hydration. On top of that, Singapore’s own top food blogger Dr Leslie Tay shares tips on the types of food for great skin!

Once your skin is well hydrated, you’ll generally find that it’s elastic, bouncy and firm just like a muscle. So not only does exercise keep you fit, it also has additional benefits for your skin! Additional blood circulation is always good.

Olay Project 360 Elasticity

Thus, to fully help the us girls in Olay Project 360 transform our skin, we work out with a simple exercise device you can bring on the go to improve our flexibility and elasticity. There’s also a surprise challenge but I think the real surprise was Jason the cute fitness trainer! Haha!

Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets

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You’ve seen what’s inside my make up case and by now you might have already realised that I have all sorts of make up and beauty products inside my make up case. I practically live off my make up case when travelling or at a photoshoot and I absolutely cannot do without my basic make up essentials. You should already know these by heart: foundation, blusher, eyeliner, waterproof mascara and lipstick. But if there’s another basic make up essential you need to have in your basic make up kit, it’s make up remover.

Basic Essential Make Up Remover

Removing makeup is an essential part of the basic skin care routine. I know how it’s like coming home from a late night out and wanting to head straight to bed. But you know the rules for good skin:�never sleep with your make up on. But when you’re pressed for time, the make up removal process can feel difficult and tedious. However, with Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets, I find that make up removal has never been easier. I always keep a packet of these Biore make up removal sheets in my make up bag, just in case I want to quickly remove make up after a long day of living in heavy foundation.

Biore Oil Cleansing Cotton Sheets

Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets come in 3 sizes – regular tub, refill and a handy pack. A high-performance, yet light and smooth cleansing oil, is present in each moist cotton sheet. It is this unique cleansing oil that removes make up efficiently and makes them different from other make up wipes. It’s so easy to use, you dont need a tutorial on how to remove make up with the Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets.

How to Remove Make Up

From eyeshadow to black eyeliner, Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets removes them all. When I’m in a hurry to jump into bed, I just grab a sheet, press it to the desired area of removal and wipe. Viola! Clean, make up free skin in a jiffy.

Enriched with moisturising agents, the sheets hydrate your skin as they clean. But to really put the sheets to the test, I decided to try and remove my eye make up. I use quite heavy eye make up when I go out: eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, waterproof mascara and fake lashes on top of all that. Everything needs to come off before I go to bed.

Challenge 1: Would the Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets be able to completely remove waterproof mascara?

One important beauty tip to keep in mind during make up removal around the eye area eye make up is to never pull the skin around the eye area. This skin is particularly sensitive and thin. Constant tugging and pulling causes premature fine lines, and this was the next challenge Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets had to face.

Challenge 2: Would the make up removal sheets remove tough eye make up with just gentle pressure?

How to Remove Eye Makeup

I held the moist sheet for about 5 – 6 seconds against my eye, using gentle pressure, before wiping the eye makeup off. I was really impressed by how even the stubbornest mascara was thoroughly removed, after several wipes, leaving no residue or sticky feeling.

How to Remove Eye Make Up

The light fragrance of Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets makes the process of removing make up all the more pleasant. Coupled with the properties of being efficient, gentle and hydrating, I’d say Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets is staying as one the basic make up must-haves in my make up case for whenever I need quick make up removal on the go!

Beauty Tips for Good Skin

Tips for Good Skin

I always feel honoured when someone compliments me on my good skin. Although I am a beauty blogger, I will admit to not wearing make up on a daily basis. I feel absolutely comfortable going out completely bare faced because I’m much too lazy to apply make up everyday. I wasn’t born with perfect genes but I try to keep my skin as clear as possible. Thus, on a daily basis, I live by some beauty tips. These are the beauty tips for good skin I keep to daily.

1. Never sleep with your make up on
This is definitely the most basic of all beauty tips for good skin. Your skin, like you, needs to breathe. Sleeping overnight with your make up clogs pores. Just like how water and oil dont mix, oil and make up dont mix, especially on our skin. Always remember to thoroughly remove all your make up before you go to bed.

2. Popping your zits
While I admit to being guilty of this from time to time, the general rule of thumb is to never pop your pimples with your bare hands. Our hands come into contact with all sorts on a daily basis and the last thing you want to do is infect your pimples with random germs from goodness knows where.

3. Go for regular facials
Having an expert who knows your skin condition and can dispense good skin care tips is extremely helpful. I usually try and go for a facial once a month. During my facials, my beautician does extraction and hydration to clear my skin. She knows my skin’s problem areas and tries to remedy it as best as she can. I absolutely love walking out of the room after a facial because not only do you leave with clear skin, you walk out well rested and relaxed.

4. Dont skip your basic skin care needs
This is probably another one of the most basic of all beauty tips for good skin. Basic skin care is absolutely essential for maintaining and getting clear skin. After thoroughly removing your make up, you want to make sure you’re skin is free from dirt and grime. A basic skin care routine is, thus, the next step after proper make up removal, in getting glowing skin.

5. Exercise regularly
We all know the benefits of exercising: It keeps you healthy and keeps you fit. These health benefits translate directly to your skin too. When you feel good on the inside, you look good on the outside. Furthermore, the better circulation that comes from exercising also provides a natural glow! Who needs blusher when you have a natural flush?

6. Drink loads of water
Other than flushing out toxins from your body, water keeps your skin hydrated. Our bodies are made up of 70% water and drinking at least 2 litres of water a day keeps you well hydrated.

7. Dont rub your eyes
The skin around our eyes are the thinnest and most sensitive. Rubbing and pulling the thin skin under the eyes excessively causes fine lines, and we all know what fine lines do to our appearance. I know it feels good to rub your eyes when they’re tired, but opt for eyedrops and keep fine lines at bay the next time your eyes feel dry.

8. Sunblock, sunblock, sunblock
If you’ve been reading and following my posts all these while, I’ll probably sound like a nag when it comes to sunblock. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, whether you’re travelling overseas or looking to start your very first basic make up kit, sunblock is a definite must-have in protecting your skin. UVA is the main culprit of pre-mature aging, but sunblock protects your skin from the damaging rays of UV. So, block up and get good skin that’ll last you years down the road!

I know it may seem like a lot, but no body ever said being beautiful was easy. These are but a few a couple some of the good skin tips that I live by religiously. Even eating right is on the how to get good skin list. But even if you use make up routinely, I cannot stress how important good skin is. A clear complexion is the bottom line for make up application and I hope these beauty tips for good skin will help you. I promise once you have a clean canvas to work on, your options are limitless!