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I remember a post on Kenny Sia that told of the 28 things he did when he was 28.

Inspired by that, I have decided to write about the 28 notable things that has happened in the past one year since my last birthday. 28 may not be a huge milestone on the calendar (unlike 18 or 21 or even 30), but I’m at a quite interesting and fledgling stage of my life and finding a direction after the pageant.

First on the list…

1. Started running Greedy Chimp.

Greedy Chimp

My first business venture came about by chance. I was presented with this opportunity to take over the day to day running of business just a couple of months ago and it has been nothing but exciting. I have had limited experience with running my own business so stepping into this role has been challenging and very interesting; the learning curve to running a start-up has been very steep. As I have to do everything myself, it can feel like I’m being buried under with work sometimes…. Literally! Just look at the picture! 😉

But I really enjoy the fact that I learn something new every day. On top of that, I have met so many inspiring people who are great at what they do and they constantly inspire me. It’s still settling in when I tell people I’ve started my own business, but I know this won’t be my last. 😉


2. Coached and shared about grooming and deportment on a LIVE cable show.

Academy Fantasia Singapore Table Etiquette

Academy Fantasia Singapore

Academy Fantasia Table Etiquette

Thanks to my experience with pageants, I was invited by StarHub and Ocean Butterflies to help train a group of budding singers in a reality TV show. Academy Fantasia is very much like Big Brother, America’s Next Top Model and American Idol rolled into one. The contestants stay in a house for about a month and train on a daily basis for singing, dancing, personal presentation, styling etc. Every week they perform in a concert in front of an audience and judges who determine if they will stay for another week. Because they are on camera 24/7 and the show is live, the pressure can be quite high.

I came in once a week to help them with their catwalks, stage presentation, makeup and styling. It was also the first time I had to teach all of that in Mandarin.


3. Hosted the SK-II It Guy and It Girl event.

SK-II Singapore Isetan

SK-II Utt Sara Wee

SK-II Isetan Singapore

SK-II It Factor Utt Sara Wee

SK-II Singapore

Aside from coaching on LIVE TV, I also got the opportunity to host. This again was a new experience and adventure for me. Not only was it one of my first few times hosting, I had to host and present veterans in the industry like former MTV VJ Utt and lead singer of 53A, Sara Wee. Can you say pressure already?!

The It Guy and It Girl, however, were very nice and encouraging and the event went off without a hitch. 😉


4. Walked with a fashion runway with notable models including Vivian Ong, Sheila Sim, Ivy Chung and Viola Tan.

SK-II Stempower Launch

Working with SK-II has presented loads of opportunities. Thanks to my involvement with SK-II in the Foundation Got or Not Challenge and Clozette x SK-II video tutorials, I was invited back to walk in the fashion runway for the launch of the anti-aging SK-II Stempower Essence.

Love, Bonito was the fashion sponsor and all the models were decked out in their stylish wardrobe. I have had the pleasure of working closely with the Love, Bonito team who kindly sponsor my daily outfits and I have nothing but love for their clothing. <3


5. Attended the first ever Social Star Awards held in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands.

Social Star Awards was a celebration of all social media platforms. Being a social media addict *ahem user of social media – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook – it was quite amazing to see stars of social media fame being celebrated. It was also signaled the fact that social media has now become an integral part of our lives and how we can harness its power to amplify our reach.

It was also mind-blowing to see Jeremy Piven, Jessica Alba, Ryan Higa, Carly Rae Jepsen and LEGENDARY PSYYYYY perform LIVE on stage! /mind-blown


6. Featured in the newspapers with my lovely family for the National Family Council’s Family Day In.

National Family Council Family Day In Straits Times

My family has always been very close. Whether it’s family staycations, National Family Celebrations at the Singapore Flyer, or regular dinners, we enjoy doing things together.


7. Appeared in Seventeen Magazine for a beauty tutorial feature.


8. Celebrated our one year anniversary with a very special man. <3

Happy Anniversary


9. Traveled to California and visited the Huntington Library, Laguna beach, Malibu, Pepperdine University and Santa Monica for the first time in my adult life.

Montage Beach Resort

California Main Beach

California Huntington Library Memoirs of a Geisha

Pepperdine University

I also got the opportunity to spend time with the darling-est little boy who calls me “Ah-yi”. :)


10. Attended Labour Day in Boracay

Boracay Beach

Boracay Beach

Boracay Labour Day

Boracay White House Party

Boracay White House Party

Labour Day in Boracay is absolute madness. There are non-stop parties and loads of hotties. But Boracay is also known for their stunning scenery. Their beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters are a must-see!



Biggest public water fight in Thailand. The only opportunity to randomly shoot people with water guns and get away with it. 😀 I’m glad I survived it and definitely want to go back for more!


12. Visited Bohol and their signature chocolate hills

Chocolate Hills Bohol Philippines


13. Re-visited the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.

Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand

I can’t even remember the last time I was there at the Grand Palace. This time I got to pay respects to the Jade Buddha.


14. Attended the engagement party of a fellow Miss Universe contestant, Shamcey Supsup, in Manila.

Lloyd Lee Shamcey Supsup Engagement News

I also got to meet the other Miss Universe Philippines winners from previous years. It was a little fan girly to meet Venus Raj, Janine Tugonon and Ariella Arida.

Lloyd Lee Shamcey Supsup Engagement


15. New York with Miss Earth Scotland 2009, Sarah Finlay.

Sarah Finlay Valere Lim NYC

Despite distance and time differences, I met up with one of my fellow contestants from the Miss Earth pageant in 2009. We both traveled halfway across the world to meet in the middle. When I met her and caught up with her, it was as though we had never left each other’s side. Miss Earth friendships last forever.


16. Got swanky in Long Island, New York.

Long Island New York

Swan Club on Long Island was soooo pretty! We attended a wedding there in Spring.


17. Fired a live carbine/rifle.

Artemis Manila Philippines

The experience was earth shattering and soul shaking. The recoil and sound from the AR-15 was enough to unnerve me for the first couple of hours. But it also made me realise how fragile life is and how we really have the ability to choose between life and death.


18. And then shot clay pigeons in skeet shooting.

Skeet Shooting

The skills required of skeet shooting is entirely different from firing at a static target. The takeaway lesson from skeet shooting was this: when the trigger is in your control, focus and trust your instinct. When you know it’s time to fire, JUST DO IT. Don’t think. Because when you do, you miss hitting the target.


19. Plunged underwater to the depths… without a PADI license.

I dived with the sharks without a PADI license… at the Underwater World Singapore. It was a daunting experience and I must admit I was freaked out by how slowly I moved underwater. Because all the other sea creatures around me moved effortlessly, it left me feeling vulnerable knowing I was at a disadvantage. I am now determined to learn how to dive properly and eventually conquer the seas.


20. Embarked on my fitness journey with Celebrity Fitness and am in the best shape of my life.

Celebrity Fitness Singapore


21. Opened the Celebrity Fitness Downtown East with CEO Martin

Celebrity Fitness Downtown East


22. Ran my very first 10km in 71 minutes.

NTUC Run350

For a person who’s never run in a race like that before, I would say it’s a pretty awesome timing. I certainly had to push my physical boundaries and dig deep to finish the race in good timing but am looking to do another 10k, hopefully the one in Ang Kor Wat at the end of the year.


23. Embarked on my fashion journey and got my very first luxury bag from Ritzbo – the Saint Lauren Cabas Chyc

Ritzbo Singapore Saint Lauren Cabas Chyc


24. Also, fell in love with this baby.

Proenza Schouler PS1


25. And was bedazzled by this pretty little thing I got from Ritzbo at the Audi Fashion Festival.


26. Learned how to be more stylish from fashion icon, Ines Ligron.

Ines Ligron Singapore Beauty Talk


27. Gambled in a casino.

Resorts World Manila

I have never actually played in a casino before. Mainly because I hate losing. But we played a version of Blackjack, Pontoon, to be precise… and won!


28. Be blessed to be surrounded by so many inspiring and caring people and sponsors. :)

Birthday Cake

I have been very lucky this year to be blessed with kind sponsors who see me through and support me when I have events and numerous social engagements. Without them, I would not be able to look perfectly made up and well-dressed all the time.

In particular, Love, Bonito and Klarra for their stylish outfits, Ritzo for their luxury bags and shoes, Jipaban for their accessories, Salon Vim for always styling my hair right, my fitness sponsors who keep me in the best shape, Celebrity Fitness, Nuffnang Singapore for always taking care of me and hooking me up with good gigs and brand new nail sponsor The Nail Artelier for their beautiful work with my nails.

Aside from that, thank you to all my loyal readers, friends and family who always show so much love and concern.

Thank you all for a wonderful year and cheers to another wiser and more beautiful one ahead.

Happy 28th birthday to me!

Starcount, The Social Star Awards

I know I haven’t been blogging in a while. Guilty as charged! My schedule has been more than a little busy so I haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and document every memorable event that has happened. But I’m still very active on Instagram (@Valerie__lim) and Twitter! If you’re on these social media platforms, you can follow me for quick updates about what I’ve been doing.

Since it’s the long weekend (Happy Vesak Day everyone!), I’m taking this chance to share with you the awesome night I had at the Social Star Awards! The Social Star Awards is the first of its kind ever in the world. An award show dedicated to the social media of all sorts. We’re celebrating the most popular on social media. It’s like the Oscars of social media. Bet you never thought this day would come.

Social Star Awards Singapore Marina Bay Sands

Social Star Awards Singapore MBS

It was a glitzy affair because superstars from all around the world were in Singapore. Big name stars like Jessica Alba and Jeremy Piven were hosting. Aerosmith, Psy Gangnam, Carly Rae Jepsen, Cee Le Green, LMFAO’s lead Sky Blu, George Takei were performing. And of course, not forgetting the stars of social media – who got popular via means of social media – Ryan Higa (NigaHiga), Overly Attached Girlfriend, Pewdiepie, Shane Dawson etc.

Social Star Awards MBS Singapore

Stars walked the red carpet as they made their way to the Marina Bay Sands Mastercard Sands Theatre for the award ceremony and performance acts.

Social Star Awards Singapore Marina Bay Sands Mastercard Theatre

Social Star Awards Singapore

We were seated and ready for the Social Star Awards by about 9.30pm. The beautiful Jessica Alba and very funny Jeremy Pivens were the hosts for the night announcing the top 11 awards to be given out that night. But before that, classic rock and roll band, Aerosmith, opened the show with a bang!

Social Star Awards Marina Bay Sands Singapore Aerosmith

The atmosphere was great and it was such a good feeling grooving to Aerosmith’s hits. A great way to start the show. After performing their greatest hits, it was time for the awards show. They gave out the 11 awards listed below with their respective winners.

Most Popular Solo Music Artist: Justin Bieber
Most Popular Actor: Selena Gomez
Most Popular Sports Team: FC Barcelona
Most Popular Sports Playe: Cristiano Ronaldo
Most Popular Music Group: One Direction
Most Popular Film: Twilight
Most Popular Game: Candy Crush
Most Popular TV Show: Ellen DeGeneres Show
Most Popular Brand: Samsung Mobile
Most Popular Social Show: Pewdiepie

The Social Star Awards and selected winners are based on data from Starcount which uniquely aggregates and charts social media�s most popular stars and celebrities through the measurement of 1.7 billion people�s social media activity across the 11 biggest social media networks in the world. Never before has there been a recognition and celebration of what the global social community like, follow, view, tweet and share each and every day.

At Starcount, it�s the fans who really count and Starcount has also launched the world�s first global fan celebration � Starcount Fan Charts. This ground breaking App allows fans to be recognized and rewarded for their existing behavior by earning rewards, badges, @mentions or follows from the stars they love.

As a social media user myself, this is great news because technology has certainly come a long way to connect us to our friends, family and even our favourite stars. These days, our lives are now so closely intertwined with social media we barely notice it. Blogging for almost 5 over years, tweeting since 2009 and Instagram just from last year, I appreciate how we’ve all become influencers in our own right. Thank you everyone who’s been following me through social media all this time and hello to my new followers!

Social Star Awards Marina Bay Sands Singapore Ryan Higa

Social Star Awards Marina Bay Sands Singapore Ryan Higa Jessica Alba

But I digress. Back to the Social Star Awards, I know we were there to celebrate the most popular stars on social media but the stars who were honoured and celebrated weren’t always in the house. It was the celebrities who were present that truly stole the show. YouTube superstar Ryan Higa (Ryaaaannnn!~!) popped on and off stage photobombing hosts Jessica Alba and Jeremy Piven at the most unexpected moments. Overly Attached Girlfriend and Jessica Alba also had an impromptu stare off challenge. Haha! With eyes like the size of saucers, it was obvious from the beginning that Overly Attached Girlfriend would win. And true enough, Jessica lost in a matter of seconds. :(

Social Star Awards Singapore Marina Bay Sands Carly Rae Jepsen

Social Star Awards Marina Bay Sands Singapore Cee Lo Green

Social Star Awards Marina Bay Sands Singapore LMFAO

The atmosphere was pumped and our section was on our feet most of the time, dancing and party rocking. Carly Rae made us call her and Cee Lo Green’s performance was fantastic. It is certainly going to be difficult to “forget you” Cee Lo! 😉

Social Star Awards Marina Bay Sands Psy Oppa

Social Star Awards Marina Bay Sands Psy

But it was towards the end that the crowd went wild. The man of the moment, Psy Oppa, who already is in a winning league of his own and needed no awards, closed the show with his new single, Gentleman, and the “song that brought him to this very stage”, Gangnam Style. The moment he stepped on stage, all cameras, phones and anything that could possibly record this very rare moment went up into the air. It was quite a sight to behold.

I loved how the atmosphere was electric and Psy as a performer had great stage presence. I felt like I could cry being there watching him live. Wrecking Crew Orchestra, Japan’s finest dance crew, also came close to making me cry.

Social Star Awards Singapore Marina Bay Sands Valerie Lim Lynn Tan

Social Star Awards Outfit of the Day

Blown away by the performances in the theatre, I’m soooo stoked for the concerts this weekend. As part of the Social Star Awards weekend, the same artists are putting up a Starcount concert at Gardens By the Bay! Carly Rae Jepsen, Cee Lo Green and Psy (OMGGGGG PSY!!11!!~!!1!) are performing today (Friday) while Aerosmith is putting up a full concert tomorrow at the same location. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch these superstars live.

I’ve got tickets to the concerts and this time, I am going to remember to bring my Canon DSLR along! Thank you Nuffnang for the Starcount concert tickets and Starcount for the tickets to the awards show! This weekend is going to be a blast. I can’t wait to be part of the show next year!

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There’s a new social media stalking app in town!

Valerie Lim's Twitter Valerie Lim Instagram

You’ve followed me on Twitter and Instagram (@Valerie__Lim) – if you haven’t you better haha – and you know about what I do, eat, drink, wear, where I work out so on and so forth. But now it’s time for you to stalk the blog better!

NuffnangX is bringing stalking and reading blogs onto your mobile. Traditionally, blog reading has always been done on a desktop. But with NuffnangX you can now read snippets of your favourite blogs in one glance on your mobile device! That also means more incentive for me to blog because you dont have to wait till you get home to read my post! Hahaha.

Besides following your favourite blogs, you’ll also be able to find all sorts of new blogs – fashion blogs, fitness blogs, food blogs etc from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and all over the world! There will be endless content for your to browse now on your mobile phone. Still not caught up in the revolution yet? Watch this video you as it introduces NuffnangX.

Now follow me on NuffnangX! Available on iPhone and Android.

Outfit of the Day: Academy Fantasia

My first TV teaching gig is quite a significant one. Firstly, it’s on Starhub Cable TV and secondly, it’s in Mandarin! 2 weeks ago, I started with the teaching crew of Academy Fantasia coaching on image. Sharing with the 14 contestants on what it takes to champion a winning look on the international stage has been fulfilling and helped me move outside my comfort zone. I’ve taught before, but this was an entirely new ballgame, precisely because of the two reasons that make it significant for me.

Academy Fantasia Week 1

For the first week, we talked about good skin and how to maintain good skin. It was educational for me as it was for the contestants themselves. I had to do homework on how to say some of the skincare product names in Mandarin! Hahaha. It was like school all over again. Except I was in front of the camera and didnt have to conform to a dress code.

Outfit of the Day Academy Fantasia Dress Down Friday

Outfit of the day breakdown:
Payton Puff Blouse – Dress Down Friday
Black Pencil Skirt – Zara
Black and Gold Circular necklace – Bugis Street

Academy Fantasia Week 2

Just last week – my second lesson with the contestants – we talked about face shape and what hair styles would best enhance those features! The challenge after was the most hilarious thing EVER because they were on a time constraint and I got the boys to do the girls’ hair and vice versa. Some of the girls ended up at the close of the challenge with the most hilarious hair styles. The photos of the contestants after their hair makeovers are on my Facebook album!

Outfit of the Day Dress Down Friday Jipaban

I decided on a black top ensemble because it seems most hair stylists almost always end up wearing black. I was particularly fond of my top that week thanks to the gold leopard stud detail on the collar.

Outfit of the Day Dress Down Friday

Outfit of the day breakdown:
Anya Jaguar Blouse – Dress Down Friday
Red High Waist Shorts – Jipaban
Cascading Gold Chain Necklace – Bugis Street

Feature in Seventeen Magazine Singapore

I’m in July’s Seventeen magazine Singapore!

Seventeen Singapore July

In the Party Makeovers under $35, they feature me as a Singapore Beauty Blogger doing my favourite party makeup style: the dark smokey eye makeup look!

Seventeen Singapore Magazine Budget Beauty Tips
Click to enlarge

Seeing how I’ve previously featured the smokey eye makeup tutorial on more than one occasion in my blog posts, you can probably guess that it’s my go-to night makeup look. I love how this sexy, flirty and smouldering look makes your eyes stand out in photos, on top of making them look more deep set.

In this July issue of Seventeen magazine Singapore, we worked together to show you guys how to create the same look on a budget. In particular, for less than $28! Two of us were invited down to use the makeup provided to DIY makeover a party look. Naturally, I chose the dark smokey eye makeup style.

Here are some behind the scenes pictures of shoot day at the Seventeen magazine office.

Seventeen Singapore Magazine Budget Beauty
Pre-makeover with Melody, who got us the gig and Jessica also featured in this issue with a different budget party look!

Seventeen Magazine Singapore
The Seventeen Singapore magazine studio setup.

Seventeen Magazine Singapore Budget Beauty
Goofing off mid makeover with sexy panda eyes.

Seventeen Magazine Singapore Budget Beauty Tips
A nicer shot with Jess.

Seventeen Magazine Singapore Budget Beauty Tips
After every step we had to go in front of the camera to be photographed for the step-by-step tutorial. It’s so nice to have someone to help you take photos for your makeup tutorial!

Seventeen Magazine Singapore Budget Beauty Tips
Reviewing the shot on the photographer’s laptop.

Seventeen Magazine Singapore Budget Beauty Tips
We’re almost close to completion!

The final looks and full list of products used are on page 30 and 31 of July’s Seventeen Singapore issue. We had such a good time because the shoot was fuss-free and super easy. It took under 3 hours for the both of us to complete our makeovers and be photographed!

The team behind Seventeen magazine were also so nice and accommodating to our needs. Everything we needed for the makeover, including clothes, was provided for. Check out the other features in the new issue, including Jessica’s makeover, because it’s the Budget Beauty issue! Cheap, affordable AND DIY. I think that’s a recipe Singaporeans love. I was particularly fascinated by the clever DIY designer nail looks featured in this issue!

Thank you Seventeen magazine for the feature!

Interview with mrbrown on Yahoo SG!

I know, I know. I’ve been bad at updating and keeping you in the loop. But if it’s any excuse, I’ve had a pretty busy schedule since the turn of 2012 (where on earth did January go to?!) and you can see it first hand on my Twitter or Facebook page. From interviews to meeting people of all sorts, I finally took a break just last week and what do you know? I come back to see the final edited product of the video interview I did with mrbrown on Yahoo SG!

Yahoo SG Interview with mrbrown

The interview was done about 3 weeks ago and it was nothing but fun. I do, however, have to admit that the first thing that crossed my mind when mrbrown contacted me was, “Oh goodness, am I in trouble?” Known as the blogfather of the blogsphere, and also synoymous for making those hilarious podcasts, I didnt want to be fodder for the next big podcast that would go viral.

Yahoo SG Interview with mrbrown

Despite the fear, upon meeting mrbrown at Aquanova at Clarke Quay, it was clear this man knew his stuff and was a professional at what he does. Whether it was recording equipment, naval ships or quick quips, my fear was most certainly unwarranted and I had a blast picking his brain (or was it the other way round?) and the lively banter was effortless as I relaxed.

Yahoo SG Interview with mrbrown

To make things more interesting, a whole bunch of marine boys from the US happened to be in town and they were chilling the afternoon away at Aquanova. It wasnt long before the cat came out of the bag about my secret identity and I was soon swarmed by a whole bunch of boys (YAY!) for a photo. Hahaha. To be honest, it was hilarious because they had caught us in between takes and it was hard to say ‘No’ when they showed such enthusiasm with the photos!

Yahoo SG Interview with mrbrown

The boys werent the only ones who showed enthusiasm when it came to photo-taking. mrbrown himself was as spontaneous as a combustion when it came to impromptu acts of learning how to catwalk and blowing a kiss! Hahaha. Watch the HD video and you’ll see! A big thank you to mrbrown for an awesome afternoon and interview!