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My Energy Challenge to You

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NEA Energy Challenge

As an active blogger and Twitter user, I spend a lot of time online. Yet, at the same time, I always make an effort to be energy conscious because I know the repercussions of climate change. It may seem like a foreign concept-the idea of a food running out or melting ice-caps that would flood our Earth-these tragedies seem very unlikely to happen within our lifetime. But when I was actively speaking about going green as Miss Earth Singapore, this was my argument:

Going green isnt about taking a leap of faith into the unknown. Rather, it’s about taking baby steps to make changes to our current lifestyle. Like a jigsaw puzzle, every little piece contributes to a bigger picture. Piece by piece, slowly but painstakingly, you place each piece in its rightful place to eventually make the picture whole. Much like the jigsaw, each and every one of us is a puzzle piece and every action you make contributes directly to the environment, and your pocket. The next switch you turn off could contribute to that brand new item on your lust list.

For example, while doing your laundry instead of loading half the washing machine, why not try washing clothes on a full load? Not only does it help save energy, it also reduces time spent bent over the washing machine. On top of that, using a 4-tick machine instead of a 2-tick one is infinitely more energy efficient and saves you more money. Perhaps seeing the breakdown in dollars would make more cents (sense).

Energy Saving Tips

Based on average 2010 electricity tariff of $0.2348 per kWh from the E2 Singapore website, a 4-tick refrigerator saves you about $100 a year over a 1-tick model. It is no surprise then a 4-tick air-conditioner saves you about $355 in electricity bills a year compared to a 1-tick model. The more ticks you have, more energy efficient you are. This in turn translates to more savings. It’s the same idea as saving a dollar a day, and soon after 365 days, you’ll have $365 in your bank. All that is money I can use to buy more make up! Hahaha.

To fully understand this savings concept in relation to energy efficiency, play this Energy Challenge Online Game that asks you to save as much energy in the shortest time possible. You’ll realise that there are cheaper alternatives to help you be energy efficient AND save money. So this is my energy challenge to you: Pick any one of these energy saving tips to implement on a daily basis. Now, dont be greedy, just one, but be diligent about it.

You can either:
– switch off the computer completely when it’s not going to be in use for more than 30 minutes
– switch off the TV set when no one is watching
– don’t leave refrigerator door open longer than necessary when getting your favourite snack
– turn off the air-conditioner half an hour earlier using a timer
– switch off home appliances at the power socket because standby power can account for up to 10% of your home electricity use
– if you use an air-conditioner, set the temperature at about 25 degree Celcius

Sounds too easy? If these are already things you do on a regular basis, well done. I will gladly pass on my crown to you. You are truly environmentally conscious. The next step then is for you to visit the E2 Singapore website which has more energy saving tips for you to pick from. Now that energy tariffs have increased, saving more electricity only means saving more money! So, are you willing to take up my challenge?

Miss Earth Singapore 2009 Says Goodbye

Miss Earth Singapore crown

Some say winning a title puts the world on your shoulders. So you might say winning Miss Earth Singapore 2009 puts the Earth on my shoulders, but I beg to differ. Sure with the title, crown and sash came many responsibilities; responsibilities to my organization, to the lovely ladies in my court, my friends and family. But the most important responsibility I had was to Mother Nature. It’s been a year since I last landed the title and on Thursday, I handed over my crown.

I had mixed feelings about that night. My journey the past year has been a truly memorable one. Winning the title last year sounded like a huge calling: one woman for the environment. But the best thing about this newly bestowed power was finding out I was not alone in my cause. I realized that last November in the Philippines where I met 89 other gorgeous women who were all passionate about the same thing: creating change for our one home. We were all allies, competing allies if you must. But we were competing to see who would be able to make the biggest change for our planet; we were competing to be the voice of Mother Earth. One winner emerged but the month long challenge made us all winners in our own right. We could carry proudly of the growth in our hearts back home to our countries to further advocate for a better future. For me, the experience and growth from within was made all the more sweeter when I placed Top 16 internationally. The amazing experience of spending an entire month in a foreign country with beauties from all over the world will never be forgotten. I am thoroughly glad to have met these strong and beautiful ladies from all over the world who I know, without a doubt, will do good for our Earth.

Miss Earth 2009

Other than the Philippines, my journey as Miss Earth Singapore has brought me to many places, both literally and figuratively. I quote my very dear friend Miss Philippines Earth 2009 also Miss Earth Air 2009, Sandra Seifert, in her farewell speech: “The best thing about having all three (a crown, sash and title) is that when I speak, people listen.” Doors have opened and opportunities have been aplenty from the very beginning, and I am quite sure they will not stop.

My reign may have ended, but the winning never stops. Thus it heartens me, to know that my growth as an ambassador for our planet will not stop the once despite having handed the crown over. It is with our future children in mind that I will continue to push for greater awareness in the green movement. I am excited for the beautiful girl who has succeeded me. I have faith she will continue to do good and carry the title of Miss Earth Singapore to greater heights.

Miss Earth Singapore 09

Of course, my journey as Miss Earth Singapore 2009 in the last year would not be complete without the individuals who have lent their support to the Miss Earth Singapore organization. To my friends and my one and only beloved family, I thank you for standing by me unfailingly. You have supported me every single step of the way and I would not be the person I am today without your constant guidance.

Whether you’ve met me personally or not, I hope I have, in some way or another, inspired you to take baby steps forward in protecting our environment. I congratulate the new batch of girls for putting up an amazing show on Thursday and to my new queen Marcielle Wong, I am certain you will have the once-in-a-lifetime experience that only every girl can dream of in Vietnam if you open your mind.

Miss Earth Singapore 2010 Coronation
Photo credits: Chen Jinfu

Beauty, like I always say, is only a state of mind.

Live It Up Without Lighting Up!

Were you at the Live It Up Without Lighting Up event at Plaza Singapura on 29 May? If you were, good for you! If not, WHY! You missed out yo. I’d like to give a big shout out to everyone who doesnt smoke because did you know that every stick that is lighted up releases 4000 chemicals of which 400 are poisonous and about 60 are cancer causing!

So, how is it possible to live life to the fullest when you’re breathing polluted air? Last Saturday, 2 days ahead of World No Tobacco Day, the Health Promotion Board, with the help of Mediacorp 987fm radio, showed us exactly how we can all live it up without lighting up via a Great Audio Experience.

While the other ambassadors were at various locations such at Heeren, Orchard Central and SMU doing their moving flash mob stunts, I was stationed at Plaza Singapura where the real party was! No voices in my head telling me what to do. Hahaha. The Hip Hop competition was housed here and so were various FREE booths!

I got myself a free tote bag and tee-shirt while waiting for the other groups to return. When they finally did, the party started with performances and giveaways! Us four ambassadors, however, got whisked away to be radio interviewed and we also got to rub shoulders with some very important people.

While Mister Young from 987fm interviewed us, 4 mascots representing the 4 messages went about the area encouraging people to stub out their cigarettes. 4 important and relevant reasons for you to stay smoke free:
– Better Spending Power without Lighting Up
– Better Looks without Lighting Up
– Better Fitness without Lighting Up
– Better Environment without Lighting up
The 4 messages that Shawn, Fay, Ben and I represent respectively.

We live it up without lighting up for the Earth, for better looks, for better spending power and better fitness. How do you live it up?

Featured Collection: Sejaa Gisele Bundchen’s Eco-Friendly Skincare Line

Gisele Bundchen, supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel is adding another title to her already impressive list of accolades. Since September 2009, she has been named the UN’s Goodwill Ambassador for the Environment Program. To truly live up to her title, she’s taken to creating her own eco-friendly skincare line, Sejaa,, in addition to fronting last month’s Earth Hour campaign.

Sejaa’s philosophy is simple: Love life. They do that by being conscious, being grateful for what they’ve been given and by taking care of what they value�including our planet, each other and ourselves. Something I can fully relate to. It’s paying attention to what we have to fully appreciate how blessed we are.

Their products, including packaging and manufacturing, have been well thought out to fully stick to its green values.

– Labels are printed with soy-based VOC-free inks.
– Manufactured using post-consumer waste paper.
– 100% recyclable Forest Stewardship Council certified fibers.
– Manufactured with clean hydroelectric power. Hydroelectricity produces no waste and does not produce carbon dioxide a greenhouse gas.

Most impressive, is the fact that Sejaa’s products are manufactured with Green-e Certified Renewable Electricity (windpower). Green e-certified Wind Power Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) have been purchased to support the development of new wind-powered renewable energy generation. Wind power consumes no fuel for continuing operation, and has no emissions directly related to electricity production. Operation does not produce carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, mercury, particulates, or any other type of air pollution.

A $70 2-oz jar of day or night cream may not having us looking like Gisele anytime soon, but the 100% natural ingredients might do good for sensitive skin types.

All formulas are never tested on animals and the collection is sold exclusively on the Sejaa website.

A Better Environment without Lighting Up

Disclaimer: Only 1 pack of Pocky was eaten in the making of this post. No lungs or the environment was harmed throughout the process.

Does sticking some sticks in your mouth actually make you look cool?

Nah, not really.

Maybe you could try stuffing a tree in your mouth, that might make you look cooler. Because for every 300 cigarettes that are produced, one tree is destroyed. One tree, you scoff? ONE TREE? I’ll tell you what one tree in Miss Earth’s books mean: one tree means home to all sorts of various biodiversity. How about you try demolishing one HBD flat and see if that’s funny.

Now try destroying nearly 600 MILLION TREES a year to provide for the tobacco industry. Tobacco growing significantly contributes to the increasing rate of deforestation, which of course, leads to climate change, global warming and loss of biodiversity.

No more trees, means less oxygen and more carbon dioxide. More carbon dioxide means a thicker ozone layer and more heat trapped on the Earth’s surface.

Feeling hot, hot, HOT!

Now picture this. It’s a beautiful sunny day. The sun is shining, the wind is gently caressing your cheek and playfully messing up your hair. The trees are dancing in the breeze and you’re lazing under the shade in your favourite comfy tee. You dig your toes in the fine sand, lie down for a bit and cam-whore, turn around and………. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Somebody’s ugly butt is staring you in the face. Cigarette butt that is. Not. A. Pretty. Sight.

In Singapore, the Coastal Cleanup reported that cigarettes were one of the top three items collected in 2007 to 2009. Why couldn’t seashells be the number one collected item? In addition to being the number one debris item collected worldwide, the global tobacco industry produced an estimated 2.3 billion kg of manufacturing waste and 209 million kg of chemical waste in 1995.

That’s a lot of waste for Mother Earth to handle. Tsk tsk.

Not only does cigarettes and cigarette filters destroy our beautiful coasts, cigarette butt litter harms marine life too. The UN International Maritime Organisation found that 177 species of marine animals and 111 species of shorebirds were affected by tobacco in 2003. Poor Nemo! Unknowingly ingesting the litter causes unnecessary death, starvation and malnutrition among these marine species. They obviously mistake the cigarette butts as food. When you’re hungry and something’s put in front of you, you don’t really question what it is right? And in the deep blue ocean, everything is, well, blue.

No body really thought something so small could cause such great damage to so many things in our environment. Staying smoke free and not lighting up will definitely do both our environment and ourselves more good than bad. I obviously don�t smoke. But imagine if I did. Try imagining it.

Can’t do it?

Let me help you.

Imagine me, a beauty queen looking like that. You wouldn’t honestly believe it if I told you I was a beauty queen. You’d laugh and fall off your chair. Actually maybe you’re already laughing at the first photo. Hahaha.

But really, I look better in person. So if you�re really interested in seeing me in the flesh and want to take pretty pictures, mark 29th May down on your calendars. It’s going to be an exciting day because I’m celebrating the World No Tobacco Day! In actual fact, World No Tobacco Day is on the the 31st of May. But it being a Monday, we decided to celebrate and party on Saturday to beat the Monday blues with the Health Promotion Board’s (HPB) help. Also in partnership with Mediacorp 987FM, HPB will be bringing you Singapore’s first Great Audio Experience!

Register for the #liveitup2010 event at Even better, refer a friend and increase YOUR chance of winning an IPAD when both you and your friend turn up at the event! It pays to travel in healthy smoke-free packs.

I’ll be there for sure since I’m one of the four ambassadors. I promise I will look good and nothing like that in the photo I just posted above. Hee hee. I also won’t smell of anything less than flowers! I promise! So come down to Plaza Singapura please? Say Hi and if you smell nice, I might even kiss you! Hahahaha. 😀

Earth Day and a Green Tip by Miss Philippines


Actually Earth Day was yesterday, 22nd April, and I must say I had a pretty good one.

I actually spent the morning at Pasir Ris Park walking through the mangroves on a boardwalk. Yes, who would have thought that our very own “pristine” little park in Pasir Ris has a mangrove. I was pretty surprised too. I mean I’ve of course heard of Sungei Buloh but never thought there was another one closer to home. We spent time with the Handicapped Welfare Association and NParks volunteers who walked with us through the Kitchen Garden and the mangroves.

With Stella (3rd Runner up) and Amira (1st Runner up)

I got a chance to flex my muscles that morning and pushed a wheelchair the entire way through in the sweltering heat while listening to the tour. The various plants of Kitchen Garden are commonly used in culinary cooking and the garden that grows them is, hence, affectionately named Kitchen Garden. The mangroves were full of various biodiversity but probably not as much as I remember seeing in Cek Jawa.

Coincidentally in line with the Earth Day theme, it’s also the time of the month where I feature a green beauty and her eco-friendly tip from the Miss Earth calendar. What better month to feature my dear and close friend Miss Earth Philippines, Sandra as she was here just last month. I had a good time showing her around and doing all sorts of girly stuff together. Also, this month is when the Miss Earth Philippines pageant comes to a close! This means Sandra will be handing over her crown to her successor.

In fact, I’m going to her Coronation in Manila tomorrow and I’ll see the crowning of the new Miss Earth Philippines 2010 first hand! Whoooohoooooooo!

So as part of her farewell routine, I will help her share her green tip featured in our green calendar.

Iron clothes twice-a-month mass to save electricity.

Instead of ironing one shirt a day, why not be economical and efficient and iron your clothes mass? 😉