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Phillip Wain Fitness and Beauty

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Did you know that there is a luxurious haven up about 13,000 square feet in Mandarin Orchard? A place where you can gym comfortably, get personal training, take part in group exercises like yoga and pilates, go for a sauna AND even get facials and manicures?

Phillip Wain Health and Beauty Singapore

Yes, right in the heart of Singapore, I did not know that until I was headed to one of the restaurants at Mandarin Orchard and noticed the sign for Philip Wain Singapore. Located on level 7 of Mandarin Orchard is a spacious one-stop centre where women of all ages can indulge and seek respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Phillip Wain Singapore Fitness Centre

I have always found it hard to find a proper place to “get away from it all” in town. When I am in between meetings, and have no intent of having my fifth cup of coffee, I can now simply pop into Phillip Wain to have a power workout, shower and a little me-time in the sauna. Aside from that, there is the in-house Phillip Wain health bar where I can grab a healthy smoothie as a meal replacement.

Phillip Wain Singapore Fitness Health Centre

With everything under one roof, Phillip Wain is dedicated to taking care of a woman’s physical and emotional well-being.


I was invited to try out the gym and workout with one of Phillip Wain’s personal trainers. Going to Philip Wain was certainly an unforgettable experience. When the lift doors opened at level 7, and I entered slick doors to my very own private club! I was first greeted by the reception area which then opened into a vast lounge area. Behind that, the shower and locker rooms are the first places you will want to head to keep your personal belongings before your experience at Phillip Wain.

Phillip Wain Singapore Fitness Gym Centre

To start my personal training session, I sat down with one of the trainers who went a thorough full body assessment. She took my height, weight, and also measured my body fat, water weight and muscle mass. I always enjoy looking at the statistics of my body because this is when I fully get an insight into my body composition.

Phillip Wain Singapore Fitness Gym

Just by looking at my muscle composition, my trainer could identify which was my stronger side, where my muscles were tight and then, specifically the muscles that I needed to strengthen. Because I run regularly, my legs are stronger than my arms and it was recommended that I need to work on them. Aside from identifying problem areas and re-balancing your body, working with a personal trainer will help you reach your fitness and health goals. I always find it helpful to have an expert pair of eyes monitor my progress.

Conveying my goal of toning and firming up my muscles, the trainer took that in mind when she started my workout session.

Working out with the FlexiBar

I was introduced to the Flexi-Bar during the 1-hour personal training session. Phillip Wain is the FIRST fitness centre in Singapore to launch Flexi-Bar.

Phillip Wain Singapore Personal Trainer Fitness

The Flexi-Bar is a LOONNNNG workout device that is used to encourage core stability. To be honest, I have never seen anything like it! It is even taller than me. Haha. If I had to describe it, it is a long, thin bar with two weights at the end, made of natural rubber, and a rubber grip in the middle.

But instead of feeling intimidated by the device, the trainer explained to me that using the Flexi-Bar (vibrating and shaking it) helps to warm up and lengthen the muscles. It reinforces flexibility and strength. The Flexi-Bar is quite unique because it can be incorporated into ALL exercises – both warm up and strengthening.

Phillip Wain Singapore Fitness FlexiBar

Phillip Wain Singapore Fitness Workout

We first worked on my upper body and then made progress to working on my legs. Maintaining a lunge position and then having to shake the Flexi-Bar was no easy feat! Not only did it help to create instability in my body and work my muscles better; introducing instability really encouraged me to focus and tighten my core. The trainer explained that this was called a Tonic Stretch Reflex – where muscles are pushed out of equilibrium, thereby introducing new movement and encouraging small muscle groups to be activated. We tend to use our muscles the same way, so it is good to “jolt” them out of their “sleeping phase” to encourage growth. I had no idea how effective using the Flexi-Bar was!

Phillip Wain Fitness Singapore

Aside from the rigorous exercises, what I found helpful throughout the workout, was having the trainer encourage me as I struggled through my last sets and the fact that she would pay attention and watch my form throughout the entire workout. She would point out little things like if my hip moved or if I should correct my footing during the training. She was really sharp and could tell just by watching my movements that I needed to work on loosening my right hip flexor – a problem I have had for years now. Thumbs up for being able to detect that in just under an hour! At the end, she also walked me through the cool down and stretches to prevent any injury.

Phillip Wain Facilities

Philip Wain Singapore Food

Post work-out, I enjoyed a home-cooked soupy meal at the Phillip Wain health bar.

The entire area is and you can comfortably enjoy your meal. Then there are the showers… Oh yes, the showers. There is nothing like having a hot rain shower to relax those muscles after a workout. I thoroughly enjoyed the rain shower walked out of the shower and sauna room feeling like I was floating on a fluffy cloud. To fully decompress, you can head for a massage after your workout, and that is exactly what I did. Ahhhh…. I promptly fell asleep during the massage.

Soul starter package at $168

Membership fees at Phillip Wain are highly reasonable, especially for a one-stop health and beauty centre. Be a member and get access to the gym, massage, facial and manicure services.

For S$168, it includes the following:
– 1 Month unlimited fitness membership (you have access to all the group classes and unlimited access to the gym and sauna)
– Plus one of the following STAR treatments at Phillip Wain:
Face: SP 3D Platinum Revital Face Therapy (90min, worth $580) OR
Spa: Spa Retreat (choice of chocolate/red wine/ ginseng) (90min, worth $385)
– Complimentary body composition analysis

You also get 1 health juice bar health juice and a fee waiver on admin fee upon signing of 1 year membership. You can call 62500100 and quote “Valerie lim-PW168” for the above promotion.

Phillip Wain Singapore Fitness Gym Spa

This is the perfect treat for you or the girlfriend who wants to be pampered! Thank you Phillip Wain for taking care of all my beauty and health needs.

Phillip Wain location address
Mandarin Orchard,
Level 7 (access via lifts 6 and 7)
333 Orchard Road
Singapore 238867

Valerie Lim

Outfit of the Day – SFMS 2014

Normally I spend Sundays by the pool or simply hanging out with the family. Today, however, was special.

Outfit of the Day UCC Singapore Fitness Model Search 2014
Black fringe top and black shiny skinny jeans both from Dream Factory by Ines Ligron.

It has been a while since I was last back at the NUS University Cultural Centre. And this afternoon I made the long commute all the way out West for the Singapore Fitness Model Search 2014.

NUS UCC Singapore Fitness Model 2014

Walking into the front lobby brought back so many good memories. I remember spending countless nights there with my NUS Dance Blast! crew rehearsing for various performances. The bursting excitement, adrenalin rush and thrill we felt just before a performance was just the cherry on top of the all the crazy antics we used to do backstage.


Ahhh.. yes. When the judges were brought backstage for the briefing, I walked through the all too familiar backstage doors to the back of the stage and the changing rooms. Those changing rooms held special meaning to us dancers. They were the rooms that we created the most mischief; they were the rooms we spent the most time dressing and putting on makeup; they were the rooms we dashed in and out of for our quick changes in between performances; they were the rooms where we laughed, cried and shared priceless moments.


Being in the judging panel at front of the stage, in those familiar surroundings was a little bit odd and refreshing at the same time. It seemed to mark my graduation from stage to “off-stage” where I do most of my work now with coaching and consultation.

Throughout the judging, I remember clearly how nerve-wrecking it was to have so many pairs of eyes on you. I could emphatize with each and every contestant. But overall, I was very impressed at how most of the contestants did well. Obviously some did better than the others and emerged tops.

The top 3 winners of each category.
Clockwise from top left: Women’s Bikini (under 30s), Men’s Physique (30+), Men’s Physique (under 30s) and Women’s Bikini (30+).

Here’s a shout out to all the winners. These are the 4 champions from their individual categories. From left to right: winner of Men’s Physique (under 30s), winner of Women’s Bikini (under 30s), winner of Women’s Bikini (30+) and winner of Men’s Physique (30+).

Congratulations winners, you are an inspiration! I can only imagine how much effort you have put into achieving those amazing taut muscles! Now if you will excuse me, I probably have to go pump some iron before I go to bed.

See more photos of the Singapore Fitness Model Search 2014 on my Facebook page.

November 2013 Runs – Nike WeRun, Great Eastern, Run for Hope

I am starting November with a bang! Although it is less than 2 months to the end of the year, I am really happy with the number of 10km races I will complete before the end of the year.

Nike We Run SG 2013

Yesterday I finished the Nike WeRun 10k � the first of my three November runs. I got these official photos off Nike and they captured the run beautifully.

Nike We Run SG 2013

My first time at the Nike WeRun SG 2013 saw me racing alongside 18,000 other runners on a route that allowed us to choose between various paths. It was the most interactive and unique race I�ve taken part in because the race gave us a chance to exercise personal choice. Running, to me, has always been about personal freedom. On the running track, no one else can decide for you where to go or how fast you want to run. You are in full control of your experience. I’ve always enjoyed that element of running. It was thus interesting to have that in a mass race.

Nike We Run SG 2013

This freedom of choice was demonstrated during the Nike WeRun SG 2013 race through a series of split points. At the first split point, runners were given a choice to �Follow the pack� or �Go off the beaten path�. I chose the latter and sprinted along narrow grassy paths. �Rule the City� or �Own the Park� was the second opportunity for choice. �City� runners pounded the tarmac along the urban landscape but I opted for shade and lush greenery by choosing the �Park� option. Finally, we had to decide between �Dance to the Finish� or �Rock your run�, where runners could choose to finish the race to the tune of their favourite beats.

Nike We Run SG 2013

I had so much fun at this last leg because I half ran and half danced to the exhilarating party beats.

Nike WeRun SG 2013

By my own timing, I think I finished the run in just under 70 minutes. To be honest, I think I could have done a lot better with my timing for the Nike WeRun SG 2013, but I look forward to receiving my official race time before making any judgments.

Nike We Run SG 2013

The most important thing was the fact that H and I had fun doing the run together. :)

Great Eastern Women Run 2013

Next week, I will conquer the Great Eastern Women’s Run. Another 10km race, the Great Eastern�s Women Run is the company’s commitment to women. This Life Company understands that women juggle more than one role in today’s society and would like the runners this year to embark on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle. The aim is to take care and stay healthy while having fun.

Running has always been an integral part of my lifestyle. Aside from being a stress reliever and keeping me slim, running pushes me to cross physical and mental boundaries. I remember doing my first 10k in April and struggling at the 8km mark; I recall feeling like my body could not do it. I wanted to give up. Yet, it was also at that moment that I found strength I never knew I had. I dug deep and focused my energies on moving forward instead of the negative. When I did that, I eventually crossed the finish line in good time. There really is nothing better than knowing I can overcome the hurdles I initially thought I could not cross.

I am thus very excited to be part of this year’s run! Last year, I signed up for the Great Eastern Women’s Run but unfortunately, did not make it to the run. Redemption is thus in order. I’ve already collected this year’s race pack and am geared up to go!

Great Eastern Race Pack Collection Suntec

Great Eastern Women 2013 Run

The race pack contains the runners singlet by Adidas, runner’s bib, an athlete’s guide and a large drinking bottle on top of a whole host of brochures and samples from sponsors.

Great Eastern Women 2013 Race Pack

Great Eastern Women Run 2013 Singapore Race Pack

Gen is doing this run with me again but she will be conquering the 21km race instead.

Finally, the Run for Hope will be the close my series of weekly runs in November. Scheduled for the 17th of November at The Promontory @ Marina Bay, this scenic run is organized to create awareness and support for cancer research.

Run for Hope Singapore 2013

This is the single largest run in aid of cancer research and since 2008, Run for Hope has been partnering the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) to raise funds for critical, life-saving research. Cancer rates have sadly been increasing in recent years so dedicated scientists at the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) work hard around the clock to treat, understand and prevent this deadly disease.

I am excited to be lending my support to this run with a cause. If you would like to be part of the Run for Hope, you can still sign up! The registration details are as follows:

Where? Orchard Central.
When? 8 to 10 November 2013
Time? 10am to 8pm

Since the new year is approaching quickly, I think I will start planning my goals for 2014.

Brooks Run Happy 9k Race

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This year, I have literally hit the ground running with my 10k races. Having never done a run in my entire life before, this year is quite an achievement as I already have under my belt two 10km races. I, however, am not going to stop there because the year is not over yet! I’m still on the hunt for more races.

Introducing the Brooks Run Happy race that is next on my run list.

Brooks Run Happy 2013

Brooks Run Happy 2012 1

Brooks Run Happy 2012 2

Just like the Formula 1 night race, the Brooks Run Happy is a NIGHT RACE. Interestingly enough, it will also continue to a huge party just like the Formula 1. Back for the second time, Brooks Run Happy has cleverly designed their run to be a 9km run – unlike a conventional 10km – because you will save your energy from the last kilometer to party! Yipeeee!

Brooks Run Happy 2012 3

Brooks Run Happy 4

Brooks Run Happy 5


The leisurely 9km fun run ends in a post race party that has all the elements of a fun night � music, dance, food and drinks! Dance the night away with your pals to the exuberant tunes or simply chill out with your running mates while sipping on refreshments. You�ll get to taste the new Erdinger Alkoholfrei � a full flavoured high quality brew that holds the characteristics of Erdinger�s brewing heritage but has only less than 0.5% of alcohol by volume. So you’ll be glad that all the running won�t go to waste. 😉

Brooks Run Happy 6

Brooks Run Happy 7

Held on the Marina Barrage, runners will be surrounded by the picturesque backdrop of Singapore�s skyline as the Brooks Run Happy event syngergizes sports, art and nightlife. Cheers to sportainment (sport + entertainment)!

Brooks Run Happy 8

I have been a long time runner � since Junior College in fact � and love how running has been become such an integral part of my lifestyle. Not only does it have benefits for the heart and fitness, running has now become FUN. Previously, it was a stress reliever for me. I would plug in my music and then pound the tracks alone. Now, I enjoy running with my run buddies because not only does the activity help keep stress at bay, running together also keeps our friendship strong. Running in a group certainly encourages you to be more aware of people�s strengths and abilities. On top of that, we encourage each other and often share run tips keeping the emotional bond solid.

So to help foster that bond during the Brooks Run Happy race, each runner is entitled to a race pack with original Brooks apparel, a Nathan Strobe Light together with other sponsored goodies from partners like Kiehl�s. Thanks to these carefully thought out items in the race pack, you�ll be able to run happy, run longer, farther with your friends and enjoy the party together after working up a sweat.

Here are some examples of runners from last year’s Brooks Run Happy race.

Brooks Run Happy 9

Brooks Run Happy 10

So much fun! That truly is the spirit of running happy. So, how do you get involved with the Brooks Run Happy?

Here are the race details:
When? 16 November 2013
Time? 7pm
Where? Marina Barrage
How to register? Sign up for your race here on the Brooks Run Happy website.

Remember when I said running does loads for health? Well, the Brooks Run Happy event is also in support of Movember � Moustache November – a world class MEN�S HEALTH PROGRAMS that helps combat prostate and testicular cancer and mental health challenges. Directed by the Movember Foundation, the programs are focused on the topics of awareness and education, living with and beyond cancer, staying mentally healthy, living with and beyond mental illness and research to achieve our vision of an everlasting impact on the face of men�s health.

Men are encouraged to grow their moustaches and women (called Mo sistas) are vital to the success of this program because they support and encourage the men in their life to get involved. Mo Sistas do everything that Mo Bros do, without a Mo. Both Bros and Sistas can join Team Brooks Run Happy to raise funds, or start their own!

Not only will you be running happy and fun, strengthening friendships and doing good for your health, you’ll be helping raising funds AND creating awareness for cancer, so many benefits to Run Happy, so sign up now!

The Color Run Singapore 2013

I am so happy to have been part of the very first Color Run held last month on Sentosa. I first heard about The Color Run from my friends in Manila who joined the run in January. When they showed me the pictures of themselves plastered head to toe in colour at the finish line, I was determined to fly over there to join the run the next year.

But guess what, The Color Run found its way over here to Singapore!

If you have never done a run before and want to join one, The Color Run is probably the best one to start with. A five-kilometre, un-timed race in which thousands of participants are doused from head to toe in different colors at each kilometre, the aim of the race is to HAVE FUN!

The run was sold out the day it opened and it was so popular that it was held over two days. Just look at the color runners queueing in to get to Sentosa! We were there on the second day.

Color Run CIMB Bank New Balance

Sentosa Color Run

Sentosa Singapore Color Run 2013

Sentosa Singapore

We made it to the beach and the area was swarming with runners buzzing with energy! Color Runners are encouraged to wear white at the start and end plastered in color at the end.

There were booths around the area as we waited for the run to begin. Before we were flagged off, Gen and I visited the New Balance booth to pick up a New Balance scarf. The scarf came in very handy as you will see later 😉

The Color Run 2013 Singapore

Yes! We are New Balance fans as we came decked out in our new running sneakers and shorts from New Balance. A big thank you New Balance who sponsored us our apparel! Gen and I picked up these new kicks the week before our run. I got myself a lovely mint green pair of New Balance running shoes while Gen got herself a hot pink one.

Color Run Singapore Sentosa

At the start line! The fun even begins at the the start line where music is blasting and color powder is also being thrown at you.

Color Run Sentosa Singapore 2013

The Color Run Sentosa Singapore 2013

Gen and Shiva before the run.

The Color Run Bloggers Genevieve

I, too, was with my sweetheart because couples that play together, stay together! 😉

The Color Run Singapore Sentosa

Color Run Singapore 2013 Bloggers

And the run begins!

The Color Run Sentosa Singapore

But we were prepared. Ninjas ready for the battle zone. Hahaha. Check out Shiva’s goggles.

The Color Runners

The first two colors were pink and blue!

The Color Run Singapore New Balance

We saw a pink smurf along the way.

The Color Run Singapore 2013 Sentosa

The Color Run Singapore Sentosa Pink

Up next, the blue zone. It really cracked me up to see Color Runners rolling about on the floor to try and rub the color on themselves.

Color Run Singapore Blue

And I met a blue smurf too. Lol.

The Color Run Blue

In the yellow zone, people were also rolling about.

The Color Run Singapore Yellow

It seemed like people ending up chilling in the color zones instead of running! Hahaha.

Color Run Singapore Yellow

As we made our way to the last Color Zone – red – it was clear everyone finishes the race on a high note.

Color Run Fairies

This is us at the end of run.

Color Run 2013 After

The Color Run 2013

The Color Run Singapore 2013 After

Here’s us with Jacky from New Balance at the end of the run.

Color Run Singapore New Balance

The Color Run was such great fun! Full of laughter and colorful sights. 😉 I spent most of the run actually laughing instead of running.

Thank you Color Run and New Balance for having us at the first ever Color Run and giving us such an awesome experience!

Till next year! xo

Color Run Singapore Bloggers

My Nestle Omega Love Your Heart Run Timing

Oops… I know I haven’t been blogging in a while but I literally hit the ground running from the moment I got back from my trip to Seattle and Paris.

Five days after I returned, it was the Nestle Omega Love Your Heart Run – my second 10k run for the year!

Nestle Omega Love Your Heart Run 2013

The race results have finally been released and I checked my timing on the website. I think 66 minutes for a 10k is respectable considering I was on holiday in the 2 weeks leading up to the run. With training, I clocked my first 10k in April at 61 minutes. So I was 5 minutes slower this time around. Apparently, a week of shopping around Paris is not really marathon training. Heehee.

The run started at 7am and it was a sizeable turn out!

Nestle Omega Love Your Heart Run

The run was highly enjoyable because of its scenic route. We ran through the Gardens By the Bay and over the Marina Barrage.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

This was the scenery as the sun was coming up.

Singapore Skyline

Nestle Love Your Heart Run Pictures

Nestle Love Your Heart Run Singapore

I did this run with Genevieve and although we ran at different paces, we finished the race together! Yay for a running buddy! I personally believe it’s important to have a buddy to run with, or at least train with. This gives you accountability and also motivates you.

Nestle Omega Love Your Heart Run 2013

Aside from running with each other, Gen and I both ran with our partners. You know what they say, a couple that runs together finishes together and a couple that plays together stays together. 😉

Nestle Love Your Heart Run 2013 Singapore

At the end of the race, there was a carnival and loads of activities held at the tent on the Waterfront for all the runners. The guest-of-Honour, Dr Amy Khor (Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Manpower), presented awards for some of the fastest runners. Gen and I manage to get a photo with her before she left.

Nestle Love Your Heart Run Amy Khor

Gen kindly sent some photos that she found on the internet of the race.

Nestle Love Your Heart Singapore 2013

Nestle Singapore Love Your Heart Run 2013

Because of the lack of training, I can’t say I did particularly well for this run. But I know every small step counts towards a bigger goal and I certainly did a lot of good for my heart! :)

My next 10k will be the Great Eastern Women’s Run and you can be sure that Gen and I will be training hard for this one because we have a target for this one: to finish the race in under 60 minutes!