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L’Oreal Beauty Destination

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Larry Yeo Valerie Lim

I have been very lucky to have worked closely with makeup guru, Larry Yeo, recently. Even happier that the tips and tricks I picked up while working with him is something I can share with all my readers. One recent post which Larry shared with me helpful tips was How to Conceal Dark Rings.

But now aside from sharing little makeup tips and secrets with you on, I will also be sharing them on a dedicated beauty portal called Beauty Destination.

Brought to you by L’Oreal Singapore, Beauty Destination is the NEW one-stop website where you will learn from experts like Larry and other makeup experts on top of interacting with ambassadors such as myself and Jessica from Tippytap. Furthermore, the website is chock full of beauty how-to videos, step-by-step guides and insider information about the newest L’Or�al products. There is even a contest page on Beauty Destination where you will be able to bag a Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite Notebook (worth SGD2000) because YOU’RE WORTH IT!

L'Oreal Singapore Les Ombre Eyeshadow Tutorial

Each month Beauty Destination teaches you something new and for the month of August, you will learn how to UPSIZE your eyes and create the DOLLY look with L’Or�al’s new products. Larry is demonstrating in the above picture how and where you can apply eyeshadow to create bigger eyes. As we go through the tutorial with Larry, he explains that the star product of this look is the highly pigmented L’Or�al Color Riche Les Ombres Eye Shadows.

L'Oreal Les Ombre Eyeshadows

In a whole array of stunning and sophisticated palettes, the Color Riche Les Ombres Eye Shadow is velvety smooth in texture and lasts up to 12 hours. You will love the brilliant colors and highly pigmented formula of this eyeshadow.

LOreal Les Ombres Eyeshadow Palettes Singapore

LOreal Les Ombre Eyeshadow Beige Trench Tropical Tutu Swatches

My personal favorites are Beige Trench and Tropical Tutu. The former is the perfect companion for a subtle yet sophisticated daily look. Colors are always fun and the carnival of colors from the Tropical Tutu palette is right up that alley. If you are a fan of the smoky eye, Velour Noir (black palette) is just what you’re looking for.

At a recent L’Or�al Paris Beauty Workshop, bloggers and I got upclose and personal with the makeup guru, Larry, as he demonstrated how to use these Color Riche Les Ombres Eye Shadow palettes alongside upcoming L’Or�al makeup products.

L'Oreal Singapore Beauty Workshop Larry Yeo

Just as you will learn how to UPSIZE your eyes with the products in the videos and guides on Beauty Destination, Larry demonstrated the how-to on me and here are the tips and tricks he shared with us during the workshop.

LOreal Singapore Makeup Beauty Products

The products used are:

1. Color Riche Les Ombres Eye Shadow Palette in Beige Trench
2. Super Liner Automatic Slim Liner
3. Super Liner Brow Design Pro
4. Lash Architect 4D Mascara
5. Rouge Caress Heart of Pearl Lipstick
6. Color Infallible Eye Shadow in Eternal Black
7. Super Liner Black Lacquer Liquid Liner

Step 1
L'Oreal Singapore es Ombres Eyeshadow Tutorial

Cover the entire eye lid up to the crease with the�L’Or�al Color Infallible Eye in Eternal Black. This works as a color base to intensify the colors applied over later. Here Larry is using his ring finger to apply the eyeshadow on my lid.

The finished result should look something like this depending on where your crease ends.

L'Oreal Singapore Les Ombres Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial

My eyelid crease is quite thin so the area covered is quite little.

Step 2
L'Oreal Singapore Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial

Next, we’re going to use the brown of the L’Or�al Color Riche Les Ombres Beige Trench Palette on the OUTER CORNER of the eyes up to the eye socket. Basically, it raises the ending point of the eyeshadow creating larger eyes. Layering the Color Riche Les Ombres eyeshadow over the Color Infallible eye shadow intensifies the brown making the lash line darker.

Step 3
L'Oreal Les Ombre Eyeshadow Tutorial

To further intensify use the L’Or�al Automatic Slim Liner, draw very close to the lash line, even dotting between the lashes. This pencil liner is easy to control as the lead of the L’Or�al Automatic Slim Liner is sturdy and can be applied with decent pressure.

Tip: Instead of using your hands to pull the skin around the eye area during eyeliner application, tilting your head upwards at a 45-degree angle and looking downwards exposes your eyelid too. This technique also allows the tip of your eyeliner to get closer to your upper lash line.

L'Oreal Les Ombre Eyeshadow Tutorial Workshop

Step 4
L'Oreal Singapore Super Liner Eyeliner Tutorial

To really supersize your eyes, you can see in this picture that Larry created winged eyeliner on BOTH the top and bottom lids.

L'Oreal Singapore Super Liner Eyeliner Tutorial

The secret to super-sizing your eyes is drawing the wing FROM the bottom lid. You won’t go wrong once you follow the natural curve of your bottom eyelid. Extend the wing 1cm past your eyes for maximum dramatic effect.

L'Oreal Les Ombre Eyeshadow Tutorial

After that, draw your eyeliner on the upper lid as you normally would and then, match the ends of the bottom and top line together. Fill the space in between the lines to ensure continuity.�You can see that the eyeliner on the top lid is quite thick.

L'Oreal Singapore Beauty Destination Eye Makeup Tutorial

The Super Liner Black Lacquer Liquid Liner is a very consistent black liner regardless of how long you draw the line. One stroke of the brush and your winged liner is set. Then, curl your lashes and use the Lash Architect 4D mascara to create the wide-eye dolly look.

Step 5
LOreal Shine Caresse Lipsticks

To balance the large eyes, Larry used the brand new Heart of Pearl Lipstick in Peach & Cute (such a cute name!) on me. The Heart of Pearl Lipstick is named as such because the center of the lipstick is a unique pearl core that gives your lips a beautiful 3D luminous shine.

An extension of the Shine Caresse Lippies Lip Tint I previously swatched, the 6 pearly colors are highly moisturizing. I am a sucker for the pretty little pearl bits that dance on my lips.

And this is the finished face of the day!

L'Oreal Les Ombres Face of the Day

Significantly bigger eyes and a glowing lip color!

If you need more information about how to make your eyes look bigger, there are other videos on Beauty Destination. Re-create the look and upsize your eyes with the L’Or�al Les Ombres eyeshadow available at $22.90, Black Lacquer eyeliner at $20.90, Lash Architect 4D mascara at $27.90, 3-in-1 brow designer pencil at $21.90 and Heart of Pearls $18.90 available at Watsons, Guardian, SASA, selected departmental stores and super/hyper markets.

Have fun girls!

Face of the Day – Cointreauversial Queens

If you’re a big fan of the movie Burlesque (remember Christina Aguilera with her sexy moves?) or the Pussycat Dolls (I’m talking about the ORIGINAL Pussycat Dolls in the Pussycat Lounge), you’ll be no stranger to Dita Von Teese, Queen of Burlesque. Before we proceed, here’s a short history lesson about Burlesque according to Wikipedia.

Dita Von Teese Singapore

In a nutshell, Burlesque was a theatrical form in the Victorian era. The Victorian era is something I am particularly fond of and is what we, in the modern day, call vintage. Deviating from the original Victorian burlesque, American burlesque is the one that gradually put more emphasis on nudity in their performances. These days it is more commonly associated with sexy dance moves, corsets, fish net stockings and striptease. And Dita Von Teese is well known for that, on top of her impossibly corseted 22 inch waist.

So when the invitation came for Dita Von Teese’s one-night-only performance at Zirca Singapore, I had planned my dress and makeup to the theme. In fact, I had wanted to sport the characteristic red lips of a vintage make up look, one makeup lesson I had with the vintage expert herself. But as time and Murphy would have it, I was late and thus, threw on something that had an inkling of a corset and stuck to my usual dark eye makeup.

Face of The Day Make up

NARS Eyeshadow duo in Pandora
tokidoki Perfetto Eyeliner
MAC Eye Kohl in Engraved
Cosmoprof Eyeshadow Palette in Silver

Dita Von Teese Cointreauversial Show Singapore

With that I zipped my way down to Zirca to meet Hayden Ng from Hayden Boutique, my dress sponsor for Miss Universe Singapore 2011 at Cointreau’s photowallshelf. Pssst… He’s also the one behind my awesome National Costume! No thanks to my haste, I found myself sorely underdressed in the presence of our local media industry’s brightest. Bah!

Dita Von Teese Singapore Cointreauversial Show

Hanging with the crew in Zirca. Loads of queens were in the house that night. With Marion Teo, Hayden and the Patricia Mok. Marion Teo is Miss Universe Singapore 1987 and till date still remains the only local Miss Universe contestant to have made it to the semi finals of the Miss Universe competition. A mother of two teenaged boys and she still looks fab!

Dita Von Teese Be Cointreauversial Show Singapore

Queen of comedy Pat Mok is a hoot and such an energizer bunny. I love her because she’s so real in person and down to earth, very much like her screen personality. She’s very easy to talk to and open. Conversations with her are just like talking to an old friend! She was also involved in my first audition round for Miss Universe Singapore 2011!

Dita Von Teese be Cointreauversial Singapore

Dita Von Teese Be Cointreauversial Show Singapore

I bet many of you didnt know that Joanne Peh our princess on local TV screens was a contestant in the 2002 Miss Universe Singapore beauty pageant! Although she didnt win, she was spotted and got her wish of being a TV artiste. She turned up with her beau, Bobby Tonelli.

Kumar Singapore

Drag queen Kumar opened the Be Cointreauversial show with his dancers and a standup comedy act. Gotta love him for never failing to make the crowd laugh. I always enjoy watching Kumar and his acts. Plus because the crowd that night was above 21 years of age, there was a whole bunch of sex(y) jokes in the line up.

It was only 2 hours later from when we first entered Zirca that the reeeeeeaaalll Cointreauversial show started. The star of the night, Dita Von Teese, in her one-night-only performance in Singapore, did her classic striptease and Martini glass act. Whooooohooo!

Dita Von Teese Singapore

Her bling dress clung to her body for its dear life at the start of the show. The dress was obviously tailor made for her because you couldn’t possibly buy a dress off the rack that has a 22 inch waist. All that bling must weigh a tonne and she probably was happy to take it all off during the act. She splashed about in that tiny little crystal encrusted Martini glass amidst talk from the audience about how beautiful she was and whether her boobs were real or not. Haha. She truly looks like she walked out of a poster!

Dita Von Teese Singapore Be Cointreauversial

Although it was stated on posters at the door that no photography or videography was allowed during the performance. Camera phones went up the minute she was on stage and started the striptease. I managed to get some really good shots, but this is all you’re getting! 😉

Face of the Day – Wasabi Green

FOTD Make Up

FOTD Wasabi Green

Mikuni Sashimi

Sushi and wasabi go together like honey and bees. So it was inevitable that I thought of food when I was told I was attending Japanese restaurant Mikuni’s relaunch. The next thing I said to myself was, “All right. Maybe I’ll wear a wasabi green colour eyeshadow just in case they dont get the hint.” I was darn hungry and I was going to make sure I was fed at that launch. So, green it was for my face of the day.

Green seems to be the colour of season (for me at least) considering that I had already worn a deeper shade of it during my secondary school’s 10 year reunion. Instead of pairing it with the gold/yellow like I normally do, I opted for brown because wasabi’s roots are brown (arent they?). It doesnt seem like a very pretty combination when you think about it. Maybe I should have stuck with the Japanese makeup style just because I was going to have me some sashimi, but the final look turned out pretty well!

Makeup Face of The Day

Urban Decay NYC Palette in Kush
Urban Decay Naked Palette in Darkhorse and Smog
MAC Eye Kohl Liner in Smolder
Maybelline Define-a-Lash Volume Mascara

Face of the Day Makeup

Face Atelier Ultra Foundation
MAC Lightful Foundation
NARS Orgasm blush

Artistry Lip Shine in Signature

And when I went to Drink Culture for a friend’s birthday afterwards, I decided to stick to the theme of green and have me a kiwi cocktail. Well, okay, I didnt do it deliberately. I genuinely like kiwi. But it really matches my face of the day make up no? Haha.

FOTD makeup Wasabi Green

Face of the Day – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Face of the Day - Smells Like Teen Spirit

10 years ago, walking out those gates, I was a bespectacled teenager with absolutely no inkling of makeup whatsoever. 10 years later, I walk back into the very same hall I collected my ‘O’ Level results, a different person. So different not just in terms of make up, but with a different swagga all together. I was remembered by my teachers as a “quiet, reserved girl”.

Face of the Day Makeup

Because my school colours are green and yellow, in honour of the 10th year reunion, I was all decked out in the colours of my alma mater. A sparkling combination, I must say.

Face of The Day

Too Faced Smokey Eye Palette in Fashion Smoke Green
MAC Noble Knights Eyeshadow Palette
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil
Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum
Maybelline Define-a-Lash Volume Mascara

Outfit of the Day

Face Atelier Ultra Foundation
MAC Lightful Powder Foundation
Benefit Dandelion Blush

Rachel K Mineral Lip Plumper in Vixen

Face of the Day: Ready, Steady, Glo!

Compared to my previous beach make up look, the beach make up I had for the shoot on Saturday was a little different. The look was lighter, more natural with more defined eyes. Hair was curled and tousled instead of naturally wind-swept.

Glominerals Face of the Day Makeup

The main difference, however, between the previous beach makeup look and this one was the fact that mineral make up was used and no primers were harmed called upon in this shoot. Glominerals mineral make up did a fantastic job of providing flawless yet natural coverage the entire duration of the shoot and way beyond the hours of the shoot. I was floored by how the foundation never feels cakey despite long wear and your skin retains its flawlessness at the end of a long day. I think I have just found the next foundation on my to-buy list.

Face of the Day: Beauty and the Geek

If you have been following my tweets, you’ll probably already know that I had a blast in Hong Kong. The first time I went there last August, my travel companion and I were absolute greenhorns in navigating the crowded streets of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

Going back a second time, I was more familiar with the ins and outs of the bustling city but wasnt completely at home in the shopping districts. Thank goodness then, for my new travel mates who knew where the best bargains where. I had a chance on these two different trips to take a look at the fashion and style of Hong Kong city and I can see why those who’ve already been to Hong Kong go crazy shopping there.

Taking a pointer or two from my travel beauty tips to keep myself fresh despite an early flight, I managed to pull together a look on the first night in Hong Kong using what little I brought in my travel make up kit coupled with accessories from the various shopping markets.

Face Of the Day Make Up

M.A.C Studio Fix Foundation
Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener
Soap & Glory Trick and Treatment Eye Concealer
Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzing Powder

Kate Eyeshadow Duo
Urban Decay Naked Palette
Tokidoki Perfetto Eyeliner

MAC Cremesheen Glass in On the Scene