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TRAVEL: SG50 in Manila

It has been almost over a month since H and I last moved here in Manila and we have been indulging ourselves and getting to know the Filipino culture quite well (read: FOOD FOOD FOOD!) 

We didn’t think that we would actually miss Singapore food since we were just there, but when we heard about the SG50 in Manila celebration put together by the Singapore Embassy, and the food stalls that were going to be there, we just could not say no.

SG50 in Manila Celebrations

We missed the celebrations in Singapore on August 9 because we were in the States doing a (sort of) patriotic thing by getting married, so this was a nice way of making up. 

SG50 in Manila Celebrations

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Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

I read about Bulletproof coffee on the Bulletproof Exec website some time ago. Some of my health-subscribing friends swear by the recipe and the article was circulating hard and fast between us coffee addicts. The idea is to feed your body with the right kind of fat so it ACTUALLY BURNS fat all day.

I decided to try it because research has found that it has a massive impact on cognitive function…. AND IT IS TRUE. I tried this recipe myself and found that I was more alert, could function better and was certainly less hungry in the morning. The best testimonial of how it was affecting me was to stop the additional high performing foods (the coconut oil and/or butter) and see what simply drinking coffee would do for me.

It was clear: simply drinking coffee just was not good enough any more.

According to the Bulletproof Exec website, this high energy, good fat recipe is part of the routine of many world athletes and recording artists before they go on stage.

In the recipe on the Bulletproof Exec, you have to use
– low toxin, highest performance grade coffee
– unsalted, grass-fed butter
– organic coconut oil

Unsalted, grass-fed butter seemed like a difficult thing to find here in Singapore, add to that the fact I am completely lazy about having to blend all of those ingredients together, I thus only add a tablespoon of coconut oil into my morning coffee.

Nespresso Coffee Bulletproof Coffee

Modified Bulletproof Coffee Recipe
1 shot of Nespresso coffee (Lungo 110ml)
1 tablespoon of organic coconut oil
Optional: half a teaspoon of Manuka honey

And that’s it. Put everything into your coffee cup or tumbler and make sure you stir/shake the entire emulsion.

It must be noted that before I read about this Bulletproof coffee recipe, I usually drink my coffee with milk and no sugar. Now, I only have my coffee black with coconut oil… and from home.

Rationale behind adding coconut oil
Feeding your body the right kind of fat can actually help it lose weight. And coconut oil does just that. After years of being demonised for having high levels of saturated fats, research has now clarified that the medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) in coconut oil can actually increase energy expenditure compared to the same amount of calories from longer chain fats. Having medium-chain triglycerides means that this oil is easily digested by the body.

I did some digging online and read that the human body converts lauric acid into monolaurin which research has supported as an effective way to deal with viruses and bacteria. Coconut oil does not just help you lose weight, it boosts your immunity. No wonder it has been hailed as the superfood of the 21st century.

If you are trying out this recipe for the first time and need a little sweetness in your coffee, I recommend using organic honey. I used organic Manuka Honey. In comparison to refined and processed sugars, honey is obviously a better alternative because it is natural. You just have to be sure that you buy one from a certified organic grocer.

Outfit of the Day

Outfit of the Day: Summer Sunshine

Sundays always call for a laze by the pool unwinding and then indulging in a little grub to prep for the busy work week ahead. I felt extra summery today after basking in the sunshine, hence the cheery summer colour and summer hat for dinner at PasarBella.

Outfit of the Day Summer Sunshine


Pasarbella is one the few “Farmer’s Markets” here in Singapore. Unlike the real Farmer’s Markets all over the world, we don’t actually have “fresh” produce here in Singapore – sadly no organic kale, spinach or a wide variety of lovely seafood straight from the Pacific Ocean (heyyyyy Pike’s Place Market), PasarBella does a decent job of creating a warm community-based environment where you can find a seafood market, meat, dairy, fresh produce, wines and craft beers, global cuisines and personal services. Food items start from $12 up.

My mom loves the little knick-knack stalls, my brother the steak and meats and my dad the ample parking available and the fact that it is FREE.


If you are a burger lover, you will appreciate Omakase Burger, which is located in Turf City itself (not within PasarBella). You will have to venture outside the woody and warm community based environment and brave the long queue to land yourself the highly raved about burgers from this burger joint. Despite being 2 years old, Omakase Burger still sees queues snake outside their door.

Omakase literally means “chef’s choice” in Japanese. But there is a twist at Omakase Burger: YOU get to be the chef and choose how you want your meal. Pick from their range of burgers, a side of either sweet potato fries or truffle fries (they are both so good) and a drink of your choice. We had 2 sets of the Ultimate Cheeseburger, one with sweet potato fries and the other with truffles fries. Washed down with the Omakase Burger home-made lemonade, the meal was as delicious as it looked. The Ultimate Cheeseburger ($17.50) is the original Omakase Cheeseburger ($13.90) complete with bacon as well as grilled onions and mushrooms.


The burger was certainly very tasty (the BEST burger so says many reviews) and packed a lot of punch with the flavours. The only precautionary word of advice I would give to anyone trying the Ultimate Burger for the first time, is to eat the burger quick. Keep the burger sitting too long on the table and the juices of the patty and everything will be soaked up by the burger bun making it soft and mushy.

And that’s no way to enjoy a burger.

At Omakase Burger, prices start from a minimum of $20 per meal depending on your side and drink of choice.

200 Turf Club Rd, 287994
6887 0077
Singapore 287994

Omakase Burger
The Grandstand at Turf Club
200 Turf Club Road
Singapore 287994

Omakase Burger Wisma Atria
435 Orchard Road
Singapore 238877

Happy Birthday Mommy

Happy Birthday and Happy Mother’s Day to a very special woman, my mommy!


She taught me the meaning of unconditional love and to give selflessly. Growing up, she gave me the best she could and the best of herself. Thank you for everything you have done. I am the woman I am today because I have you to look up to. Now that I’m all grown up, I am working hard to give you the best.


We watched Grease, The Musical at the Marina Bay Sands and I have been absolutely obsessed with maxi dresses recently. Not only are they comfortable, a beautiful maxi dress oozes sophistication and femininity. Plus, it will also take you from day to night, to a musical and a wonderful dinner. After the musical, the family adjourned to celebrity chef restaurant, DB Bistro by Daniel Bouloud.


It was apparently a must to order the DB Signature Burger. With a patty made from the best beef, beef ribs and a carefully concealed succulent foie gras, I can see why this burger is making waves and has earned a solid reputation for itself. But that wasn’t the only spectacular item on the menu, the chicken platter for two was absolutely delicious. The chicken was grilled to perfect and so tender it instantly fell off the bone. Definitely recommending the restaurant!

Giveaway: SAFRA Radio Experience with Power 98FM and 88.3Jia FM DJs

I love brunches. Even better when it’s in the company of some very familiar voices. You, too, can experience having brunch with the radio DJs of Power 98FM and 88.3Jia FM DJs. This coming May 3, FIVE lucky readers get to spend an afternoon with DJs Jamie Yeo, DJ Mister Young, DJ Robin, DJ Kai Ying, DJ Sonia and the line up of other radio DJs.

883Jia FM DJs

Power 98FM is an English cosmopolitan radio station that plays a wide range of music spanning from the 90�s favourites to today�s hits. 88.3Jia FM, on the other hand, is THE ONLY bilingual station in Singapore that plays both English and Mandarin all-time favourite ballads. I am always in awe at how fluent the DJs are in conversing in both languages. Listening to it makes me feel like I am improving in both my languages. Haha.


Last Sunday, SAFRA Radio, the parent network of Power 98FM and 88.3Jia FM, gave us a preview of what we could expect in the upclose and personal brunch with the DJs. All the DJs were very chatty and very game to pose for photos with us. The creative photo of the polaroid of us with Jamie Yeo was composed and taken by DJ Jamie herself.

That’s a famous thumb right there!

Cornerstone Cafe Singapore

Held at the Cornerstone Cafe in Bishan Cafe, we got to feast on delicious food prepared by the owners Chef KT Yeo (Executive Chef) and Chef Sam Tan (Executive Pastry Chef) themselves. The casual cafe is flooded with beautiful natural lighting and serves modern American cuisine. These food photos taken by Juli Bunbun shows you just how beautiful the daylight is at the Cornerstone Cafe. And, yes the food IS as good as it looks.

Cornerstone Cafe Singapore Bishan Park

As we lapped up the atmosphere and the canapes (my favourite is the above salmon in a cone), conversation flowed easily and we got to know the radio DJs. They also shared with us several exciting events that are upcoming. I won’t spoil it for you, so you’ll just have to talk to them to find out yourself. 😉

Cornerstone Cafe Singapore Bishan Park

With the wonderful lighting, it was only natural that we took advantage of the opportunity to take a few #selfies in between the courses. This picture from Yina shows just how we can make the best use of the sunlight.


SAFRA Singapore Radio DJS

On top of that, because the Cornerstone Cafe is set against a wonderfully lush backdrop, you lose yourself in the setting and feel as though you are so far away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. With good food and some very famous company, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to wine and dine with your favourite DJs.

So how do you win yourself the VIP Brunch experience with the SAFRA Radio DJs? Simply leave a comment in the section below and fill in the blanks.

I want a VIP Brunch experience with the Radio DJs of _____________ and _______________.

Psssst! Make sure you get the numbers and alphabets right!

Then, make sure you mark your calendars because FIVE of you will get to have brunch at the Cornerstone Cafe in Bishan Park with the Power 98FM and 88.3Jia FM Radio DJs.

WHEN: Saturday, 3rd May 2014
TIME: 10am � 12.30pm
WHERE: The Cornerstone
Bishan Park 2, 1380 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1

Contest closes: Wednesday, 23rd April 2200hr

Each winner will receive:
– A pair of VIP invites to Power 98 & 88.3Jia Brunch Party (Worth $60/ pax)
– A chance to get up close & personal with Celebrity DJs like Jamie Yeo & Robin Goh
– A goodie bag worth $100
– A chance to win attractive prizes up to $500!