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OOTD: The Circus

The wedding festivities are finally over. And it is nice to have my feet on solid ground after 4 months. Albeit 7kg heavier and married, H and I don’t feel as though much has changed, except for the fact that we live in Manila now.


The last time we were back in Singapore, Cirque Du Soleil TOTEM was in town and it was nice to be able to take the family to enjoy the show before our rock star wedding tour.

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#VHtakeontheworld – Singapore

After a perfect Californian wedding in August, we are back in the humidity and heat for the Singapore leg of #VHtakeontheworld.

In August, my immediate family flew to LA to meet the whole Chan Clan and the extended family – H’s uncles and aunties. This time in Singapore, they’ll get to meet my extended family. Interestingly enough, both H’s mom and my dad come from big families. H’s mom has 3 sisters and 1 brother while my dad has 4 brothers and 1 sister. That simply translates to loads of uncles and aunties for the both of us… And three weddings in three countries. 

Taiwan, we’ll see you next!

Starting Over

I’m dusting the cobwebs off this space and trying my hand at this thing called blogging again.

It has been a while since I last wrote anything. To be very honest, I did consider giving up entirely on writing in this space I used to call my own. But since I took the trouble to bother my very good friend Evonne to help port my old archives over and change my domain name, it may be fitting to try and take this in a different direction.

When I first started blogging, it was called writing in a journal. Ha. I shared stories about myself, my days, my adventures and very simply, just how I felt in general. It was liberating to be able to say what I wanted. Then, I decided beauty blogging was the way to go. I was happy to share about my make up routine, what I thought was the best foundation (these days it’s the Giorgio Armani one and Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer), how to make my eyes bigger and the different ways I would style my hair.

Then, there came a point where I was afraid to really air my opinions. I only wrote about what I thought people wanted to hear. After that, I got caught up with life and never had to time to sit down and reflect, and also decided that perhaps writing or blogging wasn’t my cup of tea. Now, as Henry and I move on into a new chapter of our lives, it would be nice to jot down these memories and moments that are precious to us.

Perhaps these were true reflections of the different phases I went through.

In my teens, I was living life and exploring myself.
Then, came the beauty and competition phase where I learnt to express myself through beauty and fashion.
Past that, I got caught up with experiencing life and all its nuances.
Now, I am learning to focus on what truly matters and making sure I take the time to cherish each unique moment.

A blog truly grows and evolves with you, and is there whenever you need some space to air your thoughts. The one thing I am thankful that never changes with a blog is the beauty of story-telling.

I have missed telling stories. It is through story-telling that we bond; it is through story-telling that we learn about the world; it is through story-telling that we get to know what defines someone.

These days, though, I must admit, it is much easier to share my crazy stories through quicker mediums like Snapchat. Bouncing through one airport after another while racing to catch back-to-back flights hardly ever leaves me any time to scrawl notes. Yet, there is something truly satisfying about putting pen to paper even in this day and age of digitization, so I still carry a pen and notebook in hopes that one day, the spark of writing in a beat-up old notebook strikes me again.

But for now, I think this will do.

Outfit of the Day: These Boots were Made for Walking

I could not be happier with my newest pair of kicks. These Palladium boots are all the rage with dancers right now, and if were not for my bb girl Liza who told me about them (and the sale that was happening at the Palladium ION Orchard store), I would not have gotten these beauties at a steal.

Palladium Boots Singapore

Wool lined on the inside and grey cracked leather on the out, one might think twice about this combination in our sunny humid weather. But I wore them out the whole of Thursday to run errands all over town and felt nothing but absolute comfort and happiness.

Palladium Boots Singapore

A quick search on the website will tell you that Palladium’s history started before the World War II. Founded in 1920 to make tires for the fledgling aviation industry, tires were made by layering canvas bands underneath vulcanized rubber. Palladium’s expertise was so advanced that soon the majority of Europe’s aircraft were using Palladium tires.

After World War II, with aircraft manufacturing screeching to a halt, the demand for tires decreased dramatically. Palladium decided to open a plant in Pont De Cheruy, France, to start producing footwear that was as hard wearing as their tires.

Outfit of the Day - Palladium Boots

This clearly explains why the boots are designed both practical and stylish. With upcoming work trip to Shanghai next week, these babies will definitely be my go-to kicks for exploring the city.


I posted on outfit of the day on my Instagram and got featured on the Palladium Boots Instagram and website!

Thanks for the shout-out Palladium!

The Color Run Singapore 2014


The happiest run on the planet is back in Singapore! Last year, I had the chance to join the first ever Color Run Singapore on Sentosa. It was an experience full of squeals, laughter, photo-taking and… very little running on our part.

Gen and I went last year and obviously had a lot of fun and we are going back this year on the 31st of August! New Balance kindly sent over a kit in preparation for the upcoming 2014 Color Run. This year, aside from getting decked out in colored powder on the day itself, we get to decorate and color our shoes however we want BEFORE actually getting decked in color powder.

The Color Run Singapore 2014 New Balance

The Color Run Singapore 2014 New Balance

The New Balance Runnovation Fresh Foam shoes BEFORE meeting my artistic talents.

The Color Run Singapore 2014 New Balance

The kit comes with puffy paint, spray bottles and instructions on how to unleash your inner graffiti artist.

New Balance Color Run 2014 Singapore

I started getting creative and went ahead and decorated my shoes immediately. I’ll upload another photo when I’m done with splashing paint on my shoes. Haha.

Most people dress up in crazy and funny costumes… and this was us last year. Haha. A poor attempt at trying to be ninjas. Take a look at the photos from the official Color Run website that captured the fun!

The Color Run Singapore



The Color Run Singapore happens on August 30 and August 31 on Sentosa, Siloso Beach.