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How to Paint Shoes Tutorial

You probably know by now that Violet and I love sneakers. We’ve shown you in our DIY sneakers tutorials how to customise shoes with shoelaces and how to care for your sneakers. We love our DIY shoes because it makes our shoes like no other!

In this week’s tutorial I combine both techniques from previous tutorials to show you how to paint your shoes. We’re going to DIY our shoes with a design you cant find elsewhere! I’m sure you’ve seen those painted canvas shoes retailing in shops. We’re going to give life to an old pair of sneakers using the same method. Here’s how you do-it-yourself.

You will need:
– blank canvas shoes (preferably clean and washed)
– paint markers (they dont run when in contact with water)
– fabric paints
– paint brushes

First, draw on any design you like on your canvas shoe using the paint markers. Feel free to customise your shoe with whatever design that comes to your mind. I randomly doodled and drew a butterfly, some flowers and leaves on the sides before painting with the fabric paints.

The best thing about DIY shoes or sneakers, is that you are only limited by your imagination. You dont even have to make both sides of the shoe design the same! I was inspired by a pair of sneakers I saw in New York and decided I’d draw a pair of wings for the other side of my shoe.

Then, paint the wings blue and blend in white and silver for that extra dimension. I decided to paint the entire shoe black thanks to a suggestion from my mom to make the wings stand out.

Once you’re done, admire your latest pair of DIY shoes!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY sneakers tutorial on how to paint your shoes. With a little creativity the number of DIY sneakers that you can come up with are infinite! Violet’s got a DIY shoes design that quite signature of herself. Since it’s the long weekend here in Singapore, maybe someone might even paint their sneakers red and white and make a food trip down to Chip Bee Gardens to celebrate. With my newly jazzed up sneakers, I’m ready to head out for a food adventure with the food blogger who took these photos!

How to Take Care of Your Sneakers

Week to week, Violet and I share home foot care tips and how to DIY a pedicure. But because this is Sneaker Sunday, we naturally have to talk about sneaker care and how to take care of your sneakers.

Our sneakers go through thick and thin with us and eventually they get dirty. I’ve had this pair of sneakers since I dont know when. But you can probably tell it’s been well worn. Haha. Just check out the yellowed soles.

Even the back is pretty stained. I know, I know. I can already hear you saying, “You really should learn how to care for your sneakers!

My choice is weapon to caring for this pair of sneakers is something they call the magic sponge.

How to take care of your sneakers with the magic sponge? It’s very simple! All you need is to soak the sponge in water and clean!

After a few wipes and a little more effort put into cleaning the soles of the shoes, here’s how my previously dirty sneakers look like.

The shoes dont look so yellow and aged anymore and the dirt stains are all gone! Viola! The magic sponge takes care of the stains on your sneakers with just water.

Here’s a comparison.

They look almost as good as brand new! I’m sure I could walk probably a mile or so more before I need to starting caring for my sneakers again. Magic sponge is pretty useful for cleaning all sorts of things. Violet has a pair of decorated sneakers, I’m not sure magic sponge might work for her shoes, but she’s figured out a way to clean them!

How do you take care of your sneakers?

Sneaker Sunday: What to do with Shoe Laces

Shoe laces are meant to be on shoes right? Well, most of the time they are, but not when they’re pretty shoe laces. The next time you’re thinking of throwing an old pair of sneakers out, keep the laces because I’m about to tell you what to do with shoe laces.

Puma was having a promotion with Foursquare just last month. As long as you checked in at either of their Puma outlets with a soccer tip, you got yourself a free pair of shoe laces! I picked out this pretty blue pair of laces and decided they were too pretty to go onto my shoes. I wanted to show case them in another way.

Inspiration struck me and I figured some other things I could do with the laces include:
– using them as a hair/head band
– tying it around the neck as a choker

Using them as a bracelet is another good option, but instead of just tying them around your wrists, let’s make a proper bracelet with them laces. The laces I used here are brand new ones, but if you’re going to reuse one from an old pair of sneakers, it might be a good idea to wash those laces before you start anything.

Step 1: Put the two laces together and fold them in equal halves. Tie a knot to secure the top.

You should have 4 laces to work with.

Step 2: Start with the right most lace and weave the lace over the lace next to it. Go under the next one and again, over until you reach the end.

Step 3: When you reach the end, use the same lace to go under the first lace before weaving over and under again. Remember, the key is to alternate the pattern of going over and under each lace.

Keep the laces woven tightly together and you’ll be able to see the zig-zag pattern on your bracelet when you keep weaving.

Step 4: When you run out of lace space, simply tie a knot to finish off your lace bracelet!

Your bracelet will make a perfect accessory to wear on Sneaker Sundays with your favourite pair of sneakers. But if you need a pair of sneakers to match your bracelet, Violet has the perfect solution on how you can customise your own pair!

Welcome back to Sneaker Sunday.

It’s good to be back.

Sneaker Sunday: The Big Apple Nail Art

Inspired by Violet’s nail art post last month, I went out and got myself them cute little fruit slices and decided to try my hand at nail art too. For this week’s Sneaker Sunday post, inspired by the new Sex and the City 2 movie and my upcoming trip to that particular city, the theme for my nail art is, have you guessed it already, if you said New York, you are right! It’s The Big Apple.

The apples used here aren’t really THAT big, but that was totally irrelevant. Lol. Here’s my nail art design inspired by the City that Never Sleeps: New York and it’s dazzling bright lights.

1) After applying your base coat and cuticle oil, paint 2 coats of your reddest red nail polish on all your toes. I used Revlon’s nail polish in 680 Revlon Red.

2) When the 2 coats are sufficiently dry, slather on a generous amount of clear top coat. This will act as the glue for all your nail decorations. While the top coat is still wet, carefully place the juicy apple slice in your desired position.

3) To mimic the bright lights of the City, I used red and silver crystals and mini gold balls alongside the apple slice. Randomly cluster them together next to the apple while the top coat is still wet and push them firmly down against your nail.

4) Do up both toes. The design for both toes dont have to be identical. To finish, paint 2 layers of top coat over the decorations to hold them securely in place. Let dry completely.

The result is a dazzling mix of bright sparkly jewels against the vibrant red backdrop of your nail. Feel free to add more apples or bling to your nails to really feel the energy of the City. In the meantime, while waiting for your toes to dry, why not head on over to Violet’s and she’ll have tips for you on what types of sneakers to wear this lazy Sunday..

What’s in store for your summer holidays? My trip is just 2 weeks away! I’m sooooo excited.

Sneaker Sunday – How to Tie Cool Laces

Think of sneakers and laces are probably the first things that come to your mind. Sneakers and laces are like breakfast and pancakes; you can’t exactly have one without the other. But there are probably 257941134 ways to tie your laces and each can make your sneaker look different. It’s rather amazing what laces can do for your sneakers. So, how do you tie your shoe laces? Here’s how I usually do mine.

Some people like to leave a big floppy bow at the top of their sneakers but I prefer to criss-cross my laces and tuck them inside my shoe so clumsy ol’ me never ever runs the risk of tripping over my own laces. That being said, I also never ever have to undo my laces whenever I put my shoes on. I simply slip my foot into my sneaker! Hooray for laziness!

Another variation to the lazy girl no untying method is doing your laces straight across. How cool is that! I’ve always seen these laces on the awesome sneakers of skater girls and boys.

But guess what, if you’re a big fan of having your laces straight across, I’m about to show you how to make your cool laces even cooler in this week’s Sneaker Sunday post. Sneakers are meant to be cool, and with the right laces, you can make them so chilly it’s almost like the North Pole. Lol. Pardon the cold joke. HAHAHAHA.

All you need to jazz up your sneakers is a shoelace of your favourite colour. But if you are like me and couldn’t get the colour you wanted, I opted for a gold ribbon measuring the same length as that of your original shoe lace.

Start at the lace nearest to your ankle. Push the coloured lace under the first lace and then bring it over the second one. At the third lace, go over again and under the fourth shoelace. See the pattern yet? Good. You want to alternate and weave the coloured lace over and under the original lace on the shoe. Keep the weave as straight as possible.

When you reach the last lace on your shoe, fold the decorative lace over the bottom lace and slip it under the shoelace above it. Repeat the weave by going over and under again next to the weave you already did previously.

It takes a little patience to finish the entire grid but keep going over and under the laces and when you finally finish weaving the entire grid, tuck the loose end into the shoe and viola, your laces are now super cool awesome laces. Here’s how your regular laces should look like after.

What do you think?

If jazzing up the laces aren’t enough for you, you have to check out what Violet did to make her shoes stand out! They are amazing!

We have super sneakers this Sunday! Happy Sneaker Sunday everyone!

How-to/DIY: Chocolate Flower Bouquet for Mum

Mother’s Day is less than a week away! Have you gotten your Mother’s Day presents yet? If you haven’t, here is an idea for your gift. If your Mum loves flowers or if she loves chocolates, why not get her the best of both worlds and make her�. CHOCOLATE FLOWERS!

Our Mums have put in lots of blood, tears and sweat to raise and provide for us. So instead of buying her a present off the shelf, why not take a little time and effort to make her a present? Our mums surely deserve it.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to showing you how to make chocolate flowers for mum, with love:

Things you need:
– satay sticks
– chocolate Ferrero Rocher
– ribbons (both cloth and plastic ones)
– scotch tape
– cling wrap
– tissue wrapping paper

Step 1: Pierce the satay stick till midway through the Ferrero Rocher. You want to make sure the satay stick makes a clean stab yet doesn’t entirely go through the chocolate. We wouldn’t want to spoil a pretty flower would we?

Step 2: To keep the chocolate fresh, wrap a large square piece of clingwrap around the chocolate and secure the ends around the satay stick with scotch tape.

Step 3: Now we move on to making the petals of the flower. Fold a 20cm length of plastic ribbon in half.

Step 4: Leaving a margin of about 2.5cm (1 inch) from where the two ribbon ends meet, use a sharp scissors and cut lengthwise. Each cut should be approximately 5mm away from the other.

When you fan the strips out, they should look something like this.

Step 5: We will need two of these ribbon petals. Wrap them one on top of the other around the satay stick and again secure with scotch tape. This makes for a fuller flower with many lovely petals.

Your chocolate is now complete! YAY! Decide how big you want your bouquet to be and make as many stalks as it takes to fill up your bouquet.

Step 6: We�re going to individually wrap each chocolate flower before we put them all together in a larger bouquet. Fold your tissue in half so the ends don’t match.

Step 7: Carefully place your chocolate flower in the middle of your tissue wrap.

Step 8: Fold the right corner of the tissue towards the middle.

Step 9: Now fold the left one over the right.

Step 10: Finish off the wrapping by tying a secure ribbon at the base of the flower.

When you’re done with one flower, keep going until you’ve got the desired number of flowers. Bunch them together, wrap with pretty paper and you’re good to go!

When next Sunday comes around, present them to mum with a big hug and kiss, and watch her gush over them. I promise she won’t bear to eat these beautiful chocolate flowers, but you gotta make her really. These flowers don’t last forever, but the thought of you working hard to make these chocolate Rocher flowers specially for her, will.