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South West travellers are using a lot of travel trailers to make their trips

Posted February 15, 2019 14:11:17 A lot of travellers are finding the cost of travelling to South West has gone up, but not the quality.

The latest data from the Travel Agents Association of South West Australia (TASA) shows that almost one in three travellers who make their journey from South West are travelling in a travel trailer.

The most common travel trailer is a 4WD, which has a price tag of $4,400.

The other popular travel trailer, a 2WD, has a $2,500 price tag.

“There’s an issue with cost and value,” TASA spokesperson Scott Smith said.

“If you’re travelling with a 2-wheeler, you’re going to want a good trailer to ensure you can get there in one piece.”

It’s important to note that we know the difference between the best and worst trailer, and if you are travelling with one, you should definitely get one that is better.

“However, if you’re looking to go from a small town to an airport, we recommend a trailer that’s going to keep you comfortable.”

The TASAs new travel trailer guidelines will apply to the entire South West region, which covers both rural and urban areas.

“The South West Region will continue to be an important destination for many travellers as the region continues to recover from the bushfires,” Mr Smith said.

“We’re working hard to reduce the amount of travel time and to improve the quality of the travel trailers for people travelling from rural and regional areas.”

South West region travellers are buying travel trailers from retailers, including online travel agents, with a majority buying one of the following types: 2WD truck: $4000, 4WD: $3,500, 2WD: around $1,800, 4X4: around £800, 8X8: around €1,000.

Travel trailer with folding bed: around 40,000, 10,000 or 20,000 (depending on the type) TASAs travel trailer guide: The best and the worst travel trailers How much does it cost to travel?

The cheapest option is a 2wd trailer.

The cheapest option to travel in a 4X 4 is a 5-wheel drive truck.

A 2-wheeled trailer is cheaper than a 4-wheel truck.

You can find the cheapest trailer for a 4×4 on the TAS as well as in online travel agent stores.

This travel trailer from a travel agent in the South West is a 7-wheel tractor.

Tasmanian Travel is the cheapest option in the area.

You can find a 2×4 trailer for around $4200 in a TAS travel trailer store.

If you want a 4 wheeled travel trailer for your trip, you can find it in the same travel trailer stores.

It’s an 8×8 trailer, but it’s about a third of the price of the cheapest one.

How to use a travel Trailer to travel to South East Queensland?

If your destination is South East South East, use a 4wd truck to travel from there.

Get a travel trailers trailer to travel by car or boat.

Use a 2 wheeled trailer to get to the other end of the South East.

Try using a 2 truck truck and get your luggage in a backpack to make your journey to the coast.

Make a day trip from the East Coast to the South.

To make your trip to the West Coast, take a 4wte and travel to the Western Isles.

South East Queensland is the most expensive region to visit on a trip to South Australia, with an average of $8,200 a day.

More travel trailer information


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