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Why you should buy a travel bag at Costco

Costco is selling its first travel bag and a travel tent in partnership with the International Association of Fire Fighters.

Costco will sell two travel bags and a tent that can be used in firefighting missions.

The tent can hold up to three people, while the two travel packages can hold six people.

Costos new travel bags have a high profile, and can help firefighters keep warm in hot and humid environments.

Costa Costco says the tent is the first product to be developed specifically for the International Fire Fighters Association, a nonprofit that helps train firefighters.

Costo said the two products are for the military, law enforcement and firefighters who are in extreme environments.

“They will help us keep firefighters comfortable and protected, as well as provide a safety net for those firefighters who might be out in extreme situations,” Costco said in a statement.

The two travel packs can be ordered online for $29.99 or at, or at a Costco warehouse, where they will be available in July.

Costus first announced its partnership with IAFF last month.

It was also the first U.S. retailer to sign on with the firefighting association.

Costcobars travel bags will be a part of Costco’s new line of products, which includes a travel backpack that can carry up to five people, and a backpack that includes a bed, a sleeping bag and sleeping pads.

The bags will have the same design and functionality as Costco’s other travel bags.

Costonces latest travel bag, the Gate 1, was launched in August, and has already sold more than 200,000.

The travel bag can hold a total of 16 people, including one extra person in case of a fire, according to Costco.

Costorces new tent, the Gates 2, will be out this month, and is available in a variety of sizes.

It will be compatible with the new Gates 2 and Gates 1 products, according with Costco.

The tent is a lightweight, waterproof, airtight, waterproof pad that is built for maximum durability.

Costoras new tent comes with a waterproof lining, an insulated floor, and an airtight hood, according.

The Gates 2 tent is out this year and will be on sale for $349.95.

Costas Gates 2 travel pack, priced at $499.95, is a great value, according Costco.

The Gates 2 has a capacity of six people, a capacity for a four-person shelter, and it has a lofted ceiling, according the Costco website.


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