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Valerie Lim News Travel nurse raises $4.3m in $US1 million prize for travel nursing

Travel nurse raises $4.3m in $US1 million prize for travel nursing

The first travel nurse to win a $US50 million prize has been hailed as a “giant step forward” by her employer and her employer’s rival.

Key points:The travel nurse was named one of Australia’s top 20 most valuable people on the Aussie dollar after winning the $US5 million prizeThe award was made at a press conference in Sydney’s Federation SquareThe travel service, which provides accommodation and medical support to people with disabilities, had been in administration for two yearsThe travel nurses husband was awarded the award at the annual Sydney Business Awards (SBA) on Thursday.

The travel nursing’s husband, Michael, won the award for the work he has done for the organisation in the last two years, said the company’s chief executive, Scott Johnson.

“We were all very excited, and Michael was a natural choice,” he said.

“He’s an amazing person and a great leader and has an incredible ability to inspire his staff.”

To be able to see that in his hands, that he is going to be one of the big winners, is incredible.

“Travel nurse named one “glorious” in $1 million travel nurse prizeThe awards were announced on Thursday, but the announcement was delayed after Ms Dandridge said her husband, Scott, would be the “big winner”.”

I think it’s pretty incredible,” she said.

Ms Dandridges husband was the first person to win the $1.5 million award in travel nursing.

The award for “the biggest single gift ever given” was made by the Australian Council for Disability and People with Disabilities (ACDDP) in recognition of Ms Dandsridge’s work in the service.

The money will go towards helping people with mobility issues who are seeking accommodation in Sydney.”

The money from the award will also go towards supporting the travel nurse’s husband’s care of the organisation.””

I think that’s a very good outcome.”

The money from the award will also go towards supporting the travel nurse’s husband’s care of the organisation.

“It’s a great way to support the travel service in the future,” Ms Johnson said.

The ACDDP’s Mr Johnson said the awards were an important step in the organisation’s transition to a new model, which will allow the service to be more sustainable.

“For me, personally, the big win in terms of the impact is it means that we’re not reliant on the Government to fund our operations and it means we’re going to have a better return on investment,” he told the ABC.

The organisation will need to raise more than $US2 million to meet its annual operating costs of $US4 million.

“The major challenge is that we are very small and we don’t have the financial resources to do all the things that we do,” Ms Jandridge told the audience.

“If we have to cut costs, that’s when we need to find the next big thing.”

The ACPDS’ Dr Robert McInnes said the award was a “game-changer” for the service and for the profession as a whole.

“This is a huge win for the travel nursing, for the health system and for Australia, in my view,” he explained.

“And we’re very grateful for the support and support from the community that’s been supportive.”

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