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Valerie Lim Culture Used travel trailers have been found to have high rates of auto theft

Used travel trailers have been found to have high rates of auto theft

A recent report by the Insurance Bureau of Canada found that some travel trailers that are sold online are “unlawful in Canada”.

The Insurance Bureau’s report said that the trailers often have “unwritten contracts” between the buyer and seller, which allows the trailer owner to have a “clear” right to cancel the contract and get the money back.

“Some of the trailers we’ve seen were purchased from a buyer that’s been on the lam for two weeks or more, and it seems like the contract has been broken and there’s no guarantee that they’ll be able to return to the property,” said Lisa Molloy, a senior staff attorney with the BC Civil Liberties Association.

The BC Civil Rights Association says that in some cases, trailers are not even registered to the seller, meaning they’re “unlicensed, unlicensed, not registered.”

“There are some trailers out there that we’ve had reports of people buying trailers that have been illegally registered,” she said.

“There’s a lack of transparency.

There’s a problem in the way the government is enforcing the rules and in the fact that the insurance companies are making this illegal.”

Molloy says that the Insurance Association of British Columbia is working with the provincial government to help the industry change its behaviour.

“This is a problem that needs to be addressed, and we think we’re going to be able get some change,” she added.

The Insurance Board of Canada (IBC) says that it is currently investigating the matter, but that it will not be releasing any more details until it does.

Mollay says that she hopes that this new policy from the Insurance Board will encourage more consumers to be more cautious when buying a travel trailer.

“I think that it’s important for people to be careful when they buy a travel vehicle,” she told News24.

“They should check out what the warranty is, and they should check with their insurance company about the terms and conditions of the contract.

They should also be aware of how much they’re paying for the trailer, because if you’re paying less than what you should be paying for it.”

The Insurance Department of British Colombia says that they have not received any complaints about the trailer’s insurance, but are working with BC Insurance to investigate.

“As we’re working closely with BC insurance, we are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to work with the company to provide them with the necessary information,” said spokesperson Monica Perez in an email.

The bureau’s report is available here.


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