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How to pack the perfect travel trailer

This article was written by Jody Gassmann, owner of Intrepid Travel and travel agent, as a way to help anyone who is thinking of making the leap from the home to the road, or from city to country. 

Forget about the car, truck or bus; you need a travel trailer for all your travels.

Weighing in at about 3,000 lbs, this trailer will help you pack your gear and your luggage. 

When you travel on foot, a travel rig is an essential item that will help your mobility improve. 

The ideal travel trailer should have a load capacity of about 6,500 lbs.

or more, or about 7,000 pounds in the case of a trailer with multiple people. 

To make sure your rig is ready for the road you should buy one of these travel trailers, and if you do, make sure it’s a good choice. 

You want the trailer to fit in the bottom of your SUV.

It should have plenty of room for the people who are traveling with you, or you can use the floor of your RV for storage. 

If you plan to haul a lot of gear, make your rig bigger than you need it to be, such as an SUV with more cargo capacity, or a small truck with a longer trailer bed. 

It should have wheels, a bed, a roof rack, a cargo compartment and a hatch. 

A good rig should have room for a fuel tank, a generator, a trailer hitch, a water heater, a stove and an engine. 

In the RV world, you should keep your rig at least 1,000lbs lighter than you would be on a standard SUV. 

Weighing 5,000 to 6,000 lb, a small SUV will give you enough room to pack a small trailer bed, and the rest of your gear in a small luggage compartment. 

While you will not need much room for food or water, a little extra space in the bed can make all the difference in how your rig will work on the road. 

As a general rule, you want your rig to weigh about 7500 lbs or less. 

This will help to give you the room you need to load and unload your gear, but the weight will have to be on your side. 

Many people will use a hitch to hook the trailer on a trailer or on a van, but you will need a tow hook to attach it to a vehicle. 

So, you will want to get a tow truck. 

Most tow trucks have a wide-angle rearview mirror, which is perfect for driving on a narrow road.

They also have a hitch mount that can be mounted on the side of the vehicle, which can make it easier to attach the trailer. 

Some tow trucks also come with a lift hitch for additional luggage space. 

Another option is a tractor trailer hitch.

These trailers can be attached to trailers and vans, so you can attach them to the back of a van or truck, which allows you to carry a lot more weight. 

Other tow trucks can also be used for carrying luggage.

These have two trailers that can sit on top of each other, which helps to keep your load on your sides. 

Trailers can also have wheels that can lift off the ground and carry luggage.

The advantage of these trailers is that you can tow them in a hurry, as they have a large load capacity. 

But, a tow trailer also comes with a hitch, which adds another 500 lbs to your rig, and it is difficult to unload it. 

Towing a truck or van to a trailer can take time, as it is a long and difficult journey. 

However, if you are going to haul loads of gear on the move, you really want a good rig that will give the best balance of handling and load-carrying capabilities. 

How to load your gear on a truck truck, truck tractor or van trailer, and load it on a travel travel trailer:  1.

Load your trailer in a suitcase This is the simplest and most efficient way to load gear on your rig.

You can load the trailer in one of two ways. 


Put your rig into a suitcase and lock it up. 2.

Take your rig with you and load your equipment in the cargo compartment.

You will be carrying more stuff than you will be packing, so it’s best to pack it in the trunk of your vehicle.

  Once you lock the trailer up in a luggage box, the trailer will be fully loaded. 

Now, how much gear will you be able to load?

You should only need to carry 2,000lb to 5,500lb of gear. 

What if you need extra space for extra stuff? 

A large suitcase can hold an extra 500lb of luggage, or an extra 600lb if you have a lot to carry. 

There are some other ways


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