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What you need to know about travel jobs

Travel nurses and other health care workers are earning about $1.5 million per year, according to a report released Wednesday by the Association of Travel and Tourism Professionals.

The report said the median annual pay of a travel nurse is about $71,000, compared with $80,000 for the average travel executive.

Travel managers and other travel agents made about $76,000 in the same position last year, up from about $55,000 a year in 2017, the ATFP said.

The average travel manager and travel agent earns $78,000.

“Travel is a fast-growing, lucrative career, but it requires a great deal of dedication and an understanding of the complex and rapidly changing nature of travel,” ATFPR President and CEO Dan Kuchar said in a statement.

“There are many benefits and many downsides, but there is also great reward when the rewards outweigh the risks.”

The ATFPA reported in 2016 that travel was a $1 trillion-a-year industry with nearly 1 million positions, employing more than 4.6 million people in the U.S. The group estimates the travel industry generates $1 billion annually in payroll for its members.

The industry’s growth in recent years has come at a time when some of the world’s top countries have been cracking down on travel, including bans on citizens from North Korea and Iran.

The U.K. announced in January that it was banning its citizens from traveling to the U, U.A.E., the European Union, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


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