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Traveling with a dog

Jayco Travel has unveiled the Travel Nursing Trailer, a new dog companion and travel trailer that lets you travel with your dog for a day.

The Travel Nursing trailer is an all-terrain vehicle designed to transport and care for the very sick or injured, as well as for people with mobility impairments, who may be unable to travel by foot.

The trailer is built on a single axle and has two wheels for traction, allowing it to travel in tight spaces and to safely move on rough surfaces.

The vehicle can take on any terrain, from dirt to snow, snow-covered slopes and rocky hills.

The truck can also travel in any direction and travel with the driver or passengers.

The Travel Nursing is one of the few dog travel trailers that has been engineered to accommodate the needs of people with limited mobility.

The Trailer is also available with a wheelchair lift for people who may need a lift from the truck to access the trailer.

The Trailers unique features include an enclosed trailer bed that can be folded up for easy storage, two-way doors for a more comfortable ride and a full-size bed that provides comfort for people of all ages.

The new trailer will be available for $399.99 with a one-year warranty.

For more information about the Jayco Trailers travel trailer and other Jayco products, please visit


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