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Valerie Lim News Chicago travel restrictions: What you need to know

Chicago travel restrictions: What you need to know

Travel websites, which provide listings of what’s allowed to be done in a particular city, are also restricted in Wisconsin.

Here are some things you should know: 1.

All Wisconsin visitors must wear a face mask, face coverings and full face cover, and all travelers must take off all clothing.


All vehicles must be off-road only and drivers must wear an open-collared, closed-top, closed cargo or motorized wheelchair.


All passengers and drivers of passenger vehicles must wear full face masks.


All persons riding motorized cycles, bicycles, scooters, hoverboards and other devices must wear masks.


All pedestrians must wear protective clothing that is not a face cover.


All adults under the age of 18 must wear face coverages.


All students under the ages of 18 or older must wear all face coverations.


All minors under the children ages 16 and younger must wear helmets and face cover at all times.


All dogs must wear dog collars or other type of dog harness.


All children under the legal age of 14 must wear their own dog collar or harness at all time.


All animals must be spayed or neutered prior to arrival.


All wildlife must be removed from the state within one month of arrival.


All commercial activity that requires a permit from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources must be performed with an appropriate permit.


All businesses must follow the rules for operating a tavern, establishment or similar structure.


All pets must be leashed.


All animal owners must provide their pets with appropriate collars.


All food, drinks and other products must be packaged in a manner that is labeled with the product name, ingredients and recommended directions.


All items must be stored out of sight of children and pets, except when in a secure container, such as a bag, coat hanger or inside a safe.


All personal property must be securely stored away from children and their pets.


All restaurants must provide free food and beverages to guests.


All grocery stores must provide full food and beverage carts, as well as a cash register.


All retail stores must have an enclosed food, beverage and merchandise counter.


All bars must provide a food, beverages and merchandise cash register with cashiers in line and a cashier in the bar area.


All liquor stores must be equipped with cash registers.


All gas stations must provide gas stations with free gas.


All convenience stores must offer free cash registers, no credit cards and no coupons.


All other stores must display a display that clearly states the hours of operation, hours of availability and location of the business.


All buildings must be accessible for people with disabilities.


All public and private schools must provide accessible restrooms, including the bathrooms for students, staff, parents, and guardians.


All city parks must provide access to the playgrounds and areas for the enjoyment of children with disabilities and students with disabilities, including accessible walkways and trails.


All schools must allow students with special needs to use the playground and related areas.


All parks must allow persons with disabilities to enter and use the public areas and facilities, including playgrounds, picnic areas, swimming pools and other areas.


All hotels must provide handicapped parking.


All churches must provide accessibility for members of the clergy, including those with disabilities in worship services and in the congregation, and those with disability in their day-to-day activities.


All universities must provide an accessible campus.


All state parks must have a handicapped accessible route.


All federal lands and facilities must be designed to be accessible, including roads, bridges, airports, pipelines, power plants, schools and other public and non-profit facilities.


All museums, art galleries and other educational institutions must provide safe and accessible places for the public to explore and exhibit works of art.


All sports arenas, arenas and arenas for other sports facilities must have accessible seats and ramps for all athletes and spectators.


All swimming pools must have access for children and adults with disabilities when bathing, playing or changing into swimwear.


All recreation areas must be free from litter, debris and other litter, including water-borne pathogens and infectious disease.


All outdoor public parks must be maintained in a sanitary and sanitary-cleanliness manner.


All residential areas must provide recreational activities for all persons, including all persons with developmental disabilities, and must provide public and self-contained facilities.


All private dwellings must be managed and maintained in accordance with local and state regulations.


All government offices must comply with the laws governing the administration of public funds.


All cities, counties, school districts and other governmental agencies must conduct their operations in accordance to the public’s right to


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