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Valerie Lim Food The Grand Circle Travel Fund’s first two employees have died in plane crash

The Grand Circle Travel Fund’s first two employees have died in plane crash

Travelers who are part of the Grand Circle travel fund can rest easy now, as the fund has announced two employees who died in a plane crash in Alaska.

According to the travel fund’s website, the fund was created to assist Alaska’s residents and businesses who travel to and from the state.

The fund will help families who are experiencing a financial hardship, including medical bills and long-term expenses, the travel funds statement reads.

The fund was established in April 2018.

The first two people who died were flight attendant Karen K. Kuczynski and flight attendant Sean R. Huggins.

Kudzinski was a travel trailer operator, while Huggs was a driver.

Kuczynski was an avid runner and avid skier.

Her husband, Scott, said Kuczys mother, Susan, was a big fan of skiing.

She is survived by her two daughters and two grandchildren.

In September 2018, the Alaska Air National Guard and Alaska Airlines launched an investigation into the cause of the crash.

In a statement, the National Transportation Safety Board said it has been notified of the deaths.

The NTSB did not say what happened to the plane or say how many people were on board.


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