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Valerie Lim Travel Indian space agency to launch Mars probe next month

Indian space agency to launch Mars probe next month

A space agency is set to launch a probe on Mars next month that will investigate whether the planet’s gravity could have influenced the development of the moon, according to reports.

The space agency will launch a robotic probe, the first of its kind in the world, into space on March 18 from a launch pad in Sriharikota, the agency’s vice-president and chief scientist Satish Dhar said on Thursday.

The probe will be the third mission to investigate the effects of gravitational waves from other planets.

In the first two missions, NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) and NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, GRACE measured the gravity of other planets, but it never detected a planet-to-moon collision.

In the third one, the spacecraft will be using the GRACE-V radio telescope in Hawaii.

“The gravity waves are the same kind that caused the big bang,” Dhar told reporters.

“But, they also produce a big difference.

They come from an incredibly distant planet, and this planet is much older than the earth.”

A huge shockwave from the birth of our solar system was created by the impact of a black hole, which is a huge black hole.

But scientists say the black hole could not have caused this shockwave, but instead the gravitational waves may have come from the impact.

Scientists say the gravity waves produced by the black holes can be detected using data from the GRACES instrument, which was launched in 2009.

The GRACE instrument can measure the gravitational forces acting on a planet in front of its host star.

The spacecraft will take a series of measurements and will be able to learn more about the structure of our galaxy and its evolution over time.

Scientists also hope the probe will help them understand what caused the shockwave.

The GRACE mission is the first in the United States, and will take three years to complete, NASA officials said.

They are also planning to send a spacecraft to the moon in 2021.

Dhar said the mission will help understand how the universe came into being and the process of its creation.


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