TRAVEL: SG50 in Manila

It has been almost over a month since H and I last moved here in Manila and we have been indulging ourselves and getting to know the Filipino culture quite well (read: FOOD FOOD FOOD!) 

We didn’t think that we would actually miss Singapore food since we were just there, but when we heard about the SG50 in Manila celebration put together by the Singapore Embassy, and the food stalls that were going to be there, we just could not say no.

SG50 in Manila Celebrations

We missed the celebrations in Singapore on August 9 because we were in the States doing a (sort of) patriotic thing by getting married, so this was a nice way of making up. 

SG50 in Manila Celebrations

Getting a little slice of home and learning about the relationship history between Singapore and the Philippines.

SG50 in Manila Singapore Chicken Rice

And what better way to get a little taste of home than to have chicken rice – complete with chilli sauce, my favourite ginger and sweet sauce.

SG50 in Manila Singapore Embassy Fort Bonifacio

We even watched a Singaporean movie – Forever Fever – set in yester-years of 1970s Singapore. It was a good reminder of how far my little country has come and the progress it has made. 

Happy birthday, Singapore! Cheers to many more wonderful years. 

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  1. My wife and I were fortunate to have visted Singapore this year SG50 and celebrated the Moon and Lantern Festival. Loved the Moon Cakes and the Chicken and Rice.

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