OOTD: The Circus

The wedding festivities are finally over. And it is nice to have my feet on solid ground after 4 months. Albeit 7kg heavier and married, H and I don’t feel as though much has changed, except for the fact that we live in Manila now.


The last time we were back in Singapore, Cirque Du Soleil TOTEM was in town and it was nice to be able to take the family to enjoy the show before our rock star wedding tour.

Cirque du Soleil TOTEM Singapore

I got a chance to see two of Cirque Du Soleil’s shows – ka and zarkana – during my 3-month stint in the U.S., but my family have not yet been to any of the shows. So, it was nice that the circus came to us instead. A shout-out to Nuffnang SG and Base Asia Entertainment for the tickets!

Cirque du Soleil TOTEM Singapore

There is always something exciting about walking into a big colorful tent. The anticipation of what’s to come always leaves you on the edge of your seats. Cirque, naturally, did not disappoint. A multi-dimensional stage, elaborate costumes, comedic acts and death-defying stunts. I must say, a lot of TOTEM’s acts were new! TOTEM is definitely a visual feast for anyone who’s watching.

Cirque du Soleil TOTEM Singapore

Outfit wise, I could not have been more comfortable in a reinvented TXID little black dress and Converse sneakers.

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