Moving to Manila

So this is it. We have been talking about moving to Manila for the longest time, and now, we have finally done it.

Manila Bonifacio Global City

After several days of house-hunting, H and I have found a space to call our own. We are renting a simple studio apartment for the next 2 months until we find something more permanent. The Fort, aka Bonifacio Global City (BGC), is our hood. We chose this location primarily for its proximity to Unit 27, but also for the ease of being able to walk to wherever we want/need.

Our space is not much, but I absolutely love it. Here’s a quick tour of the place:

1. Media/entertainment space

Manila Bonifacio Global City

The place comes equipped with wifi and a TV, so we have set up a little entertainment station where the wifi router is. The iPad serves as our clock and radio. The UE Boom above links to it via Bluetooth, and I like to blast tunes as H and I work from home or get ready to head out for our meetings.

2. The bed

Manila Bonifacio Global City

The simplicity of the room was what appealed to us the most. Add to that, everything was in monotones, we fell in love with it the moment we saw it.

3. Kitchenette

Manila Bonifacio Global City

The good thing about renting is that the place comes furnished with basic kitchen equipment. We stocked up on milk and cereals for our morning breakfasts. Even though there is a stove which is functional, I doubt we will be doing any major cooking any time soon.

4. Guest bed

Manila Bonifacio Global City

Guest bed… I kid not. Haha. This sofa is happy to accommodate visiting guests. And if you are not fussy, you are most welcome to stay over on the couch. I guarantee it will be very comfortable; you get to snuggle with our clean laundry.

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