FASHION: Behind the Scenes at TXID

Remember when I wrote that I was starting over in this space? This new milestone comes as the new husband and I embark on our new life together in the Philippines, doing something new together.

After months of meetings, it is official:

TXID by Tex Saverio will be launching in the Philippines!

And I have the great honor to be the one to do that. Aside from the numerous Skype meetings previously, H and I finally took a trip down to Jakarta to the Tex Saverio office to meet with the team. There was a lot to discuss – the upcoming collections, the marketing strategy, sales channels etc.

Here is a quick behind-the-scenes tour of the office and the people we work with:

TXID by Tex Saverio

Clarissa is one of the designers on the TXID design team. Here we are discussing the designs and I am picking out the items that will sell well during the upcoming Christmas season. Pssst! The papers in front of us are designs for the men’s tee-shirts TXID will carry. One thing I already love about TXID is the fact that it not only caters to women, but to men too. On top of that, we are planning to make swimsuits next year. 

When the produce development and discussions are done, samples are normally made and then comes the fun part….


Here’s Annabel, the head of the design team, who is fitting me with some of the new Spring/Summer 2016 items to make sure they are functional. Then, if the fit is not right, Annabel will pin the part where adjustments need to be made.

Then, there are the meetings with the designer himself, Tex.

Meeting Tex is quite an honor. He is soft-spoken and very elegant, traits which clearly translate into his intricate and elaborate designs. Tex is most well-known for the dress which he designed for Jennifer Lawrence aka Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Katniss wears this wedding dress in the second movie. If you remember the scene, it is dress that lights on fire when she spins on stage. 

But did you know, Lady Gaga also wore a sexy black dress of his in a Harper’s Bazaar shoot? Not long after, Kim Kardashian was also featured in ELLE magazine in a very elaborate Tex gown. 

Most of the dresses worn on the celebrities are from the Tex Saverio couture line, but TXID is certainly more accessible and friendly on the pocket. 

The Spring/Summer 2016 will have at least 30 different styles – tops, pants, skirts, jackets, vests, dresses. Jakarta Fashion Week is coming up and most of these will be on the runway.

There is a particular dress I LOVE and will definitely get for myself. Aside from that, a bomber jacket which is also a MUST-get. I cannot rave enough about the PU skirts and how cute they are.

Read more about the Jakarta trip LIVE on Dayre.

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