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March 22, 2016 / / travel

I count myself a tough cookie when it comes to flying long-haul. I have survived 9-hour layovers, barely missing my check-in, 6-hour delays, sleeping on airport sofas and even leaving my phone on the airplane. Yet, all of these are nothing compared to the challenge of emerging from the airplane after anything longer than a 10-hour flight looking immaculate.

Since my last trip to California in July 2015, it has been a while since I flew long distance – recent trips have been within Asia. With the upcoming Fiji trip on the calendar, I thought I would share this list of tips on how to survive on a long haul flight.

Travel tips How to Survive a Long Distance Flight

1. Get comfy

Dressing for a long-haul flight is an art. Not only do you have to survive the frigid cold in the airport and the airplane, you want to be as comfortable as possible too (no bandage dresses in hopes of getting an upgrade, girls!). Then, there is the challenge of doing all of that, AND being stylish. So, in my books, sweatpants are a big no-no. I tried it once and it looked like I was going to bed instead of boarding an airplane. The key to being comfortable and stylish at the same time? I count sneakers, stretchy jeans and a blazer/sweater or a leather jacket as the three must-haves in my travel style file.

Another travel hack to getting comfy on board a flight, is to look for a row of empty seats when the chance presents itself. This way you can stretch out when you sleep and get more space without bothering your neighbours.

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

We all know that going into an airplane turns you into a prune, therefore it is no surprise that this is high on the list of things to do while on the airplane.  Aside from hydrating with water while on-board (yes, I am one of those pesky flyers that asks for water every 5 minutes), you might even want to hydrate and lotion up before boarding that airplane. It does wonders for your skin.

3. Charge everything

… and I mean everything – your phones, your tablet, your portable banks, your Kindle, whatever gadget you need to keep you entertained for the next 10 hours. Luckily most cross atlantic flights come with in-flight entertainment these days. However, if your flight does not come with in-flight entertainment, you will be glad that you brought a whole host of options.

I normally load up on e-books for any long haul flight, although I must admit, most of the time I end up doing the next thing on this list.

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March 21, 2016 / / fashion

The last 2 weeks have been highly eventful. We had our Indonesian partner from the Tex Saverio office fly into Manila. That meant 3 full days of back-to-back meetings and…

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February 26, 2016 / / travel

HV Manila SM Mall of Asia

Valentine’s Day, this year was a special affair for H and I. Aside from it being our first Valentine’s as a married couple, we went back to the place that we first watched the spectacular sunset together in Manila almost 4 years ago: SM by the Bay. It is hard to forget a sunset that painted the sky flaming orange, deep blue and pastel pink.

SM by the Bay

Our relationship status may have changed, but the sunsets at SM by the Bay sure haven’t. I have been going to SM Mall of Asia since my first trip to Manila, there is always so much to see and shop! However, it was only recently that I discovered the wide array of food options, entertainment and fun park rides at SM by the Bay!

SM Mall of Asia

SM Mall of Asia

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February 24, 2016 / / travel

I love art, but I cannot for sure say that I am a connoisseur of it. Certainly, I can appreciate the effort, beauty and the creativity behind each piece. So after touring 3 levels of the Art Fair Philippines, I was inspired to create some art with the lines of the car park.

Art Fair Philippines 2016 The Link

I call it “Crossing the Line”. What do you think?

Perhaps I will leave the creativity to the professionals. Haha.

There was a good mix of both local Filipino artists, art galleries and international artists present at the 2016 Art Fair. Here are some of the awe-inspiring pieces at the 2016 Art Fair Philippines.

Art Fair Philippines 2016 The Link

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February 20, 2016 / / fashion
February 12, 2016 / / fashion

The year never actually starts until after Chinese New Year. Being Chinese, ushering in the New Year with a new animal usually means a change of luck – usually for…

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