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May 13, 2007 / / lifestyle

Something’s wrong with Blogger. Havent been able to update there which explains the dry spell since 7th of May. Sent in an email/request but it’s been almost a week now. I cant even put a notice there saying to hop on over here. BAH. Apparently Im not the only one getting the problem. Some error 1-500-19. Checked the forums and there are other Blogger users who are experiencing the same thing. Getting irritated with not being able to blog, so Im switching to WP. Been contemplating switching for some time already cause of the additional features that WP offers as compared to Blogger. I like the cut feature cause it’s special. HAHA! So anyway, here I am. HELLO FROM WORDPRESS! Not gonna upload the rest of my old posts cause I dont think anyone is really interested in re-reading them, but mainly because Im lazy la. Teehee.

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