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I have always been cautious about laser treatments. Most treatments use extreme heat and involve 1 or 2 days of downtime. Being the workaholic I am, and the various shoots and castings I have to go for, I prefer to be in tip top health and condition always.

The Chelsea Clinic Singapore Wheelock Place Singapore

So, when I heard about the PicoSure laser offered at The Chelsea Clinic with no downtime and no damaging heat I thought, why not? After the summer travels, my skin was in dire need of some tender loving care. A revitalization was definitely in order.

Stepping into the cosy Chelsea Clinic at Wheelock Center, I was promptly welcomed by staff who greeted me by name. They were expecting me with bright smiles. After filling in some standard forms, the assistants ushered me into the consultation room with Dr. Ewen.

The Chelsea Clinic Dr Ewen

The founder of The Chelsea Clinic, Dr. Ewen, graduated from the University of London with a distinction in medicine. He is in the pioneer batch of board-certified doctors with a Diplomate of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. But his real passion lies in aesthetic skin treatment with lasers because he previously fought a personal battle with acne.

During our chat, he was jovial and very easy to talk to. He explained with much enthusiasm that PicoSure is the only machine in the world that has 4 approved Food and Drug Authority certificates and the reason he decided to bring the machine in, was its gentle yet effective results on patients.

Picosure Laser Face Treatment Chelsea Clinic Singapore

How is the PicoSure laser different, you might ask.

About PicoSure
Manufactured by the world’s leader in medical and light-based aesthetic systems, Cynosure US made PicoSure with a unique PressureWave™ technology. This uses a signature wavelength of light – 755nm, while others use 1064nm (harsh) or 535nm. They also designed the PicoSure with a specialized lens to convert laser energy into gentle pressure. This pressure squeezes cells, activating the natural cell signaling processes that create new collagen and elastin without burning or damaging the skin.

Think of it as someone under the layers of your skin brushing these pigments away and stimulating cell growth instead of savagely burning your skin. Hooray! That means no downtime and no injury to the cells.

Getting the PicoSure Treatment
Before starting my treatment, Dr. Ewen ran through some questions, focusing on the concerns I had with my skin. With a magnifier, he also took a closer look at the surface of my skin and checked the epidermal layer. Generally, my skin was looking good, but I did have some sunspots no thanks to my love for the sun, and some old acne scarring.

Sunspots are little brown spots that cannot be removed through topical creams. I had 1 obvious sunspot that was about 3mm on the right side near the bridge of my nose, but I didn’t have a thing to worry about, as Dr. Ewen assured me this was easily something the PicoSure treatment could fix. There would be some pain obviously since it was a laser treatment, but nothing numbing cream couldn’t fix. After about 20 minutes of back and forth, we decided our goal for the session was to 1) remove this sunspot using the PicoSure laser and 2) brighten and plump up my skin.

First things first, we had to get numbing cream on.

The Chelsea Clinic Laser Face Treatment Review Before

I was ushered into a cosy treatment room with a warm light, and fluffy blanket. Lying on my back, I closed my eyes and relaxed as light, swift fingers applied the cool cream on my face.

“It will take about 15 minutes for you to feel the numbing effect. It will start off as a tingling feeling and then take full effect,” said the assistant as she quietly shut the door. “Just close your eyes and we will be back in a bit.”

In no time at all, the assistant came back and removed the numbing cream and took me to the treatment room where Dr. Ewen was waiting.

The procedure started with Dr. Ewen’s testing the strength of the laser near my jawline. Once we confirmed that there was the pressure was comfortable, we were good to go.

PicoSure Laser Face Treatment Review

Because of the numbing cream, there is no pain. But you will feel the pressure of the laser on your skin, similar to a rubber band being snapped.

The Chelsea Clinic Wheelock Place

The cheeks were the first area to undergo the treatment, after which, the chin, nose and forehead were next. Dr. Ewen finished off with a couple more shots to the cheeks for added effect, and then we were done. In total, the treatment with the laser took about 20 minutes.

The Chelsea Clinic Laser Face Picosure Treatment

Here is a picture of me immediately after the treatment, still in the chair. You’ll see that my skin tone is already much lighter and face fuller! I was ready to go out and face the world makeup-less!

The Chelsa Clinic Picosure Laser Treatment After

But as you can see, slight redness post-treatment is to be expected. To counter this, the assistant applied a cooling paper mask, and I let my skin rest and enjoy the soothing effects.

Right, so did I mention that I cleverly had scheduled this appointment THE DAY BEFORE I was supposed to go for a casting. Thank goodness for the no downtime with this PicoSure treatment. The redness lasted for about 3 hours post-treatment. By the time I got home, my skin was back to normal and I went to the casting the following day with better, radiant skin instead! 😉

The Chelsea Clinic PicoSure Laser Treatment After

So did the PicoSure laser remove my sunspot? Yep, the little spot right by my nose. It definitely lightened it in one session. Without a doubt, the laser treatment also brightened my skin! Picosecond laser delivers energy so rapidly (in trillionths of a second) that cause gentle waves to activate cell signalling.

A big thank you The Chelsea Clinic to being one of the first clinics to bring in this superior technology.

With continued treatments, you will see the signs of aging fading. Say goodbye to sunspots, fine lines and more collagen growth.

Thank you for the kind invite The Chelsea Clinic!.

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Contact: +65-67358833

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