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Beauty oils have been all the rage recently. And if you’ve followed some of my beauty posts on Dayre, you will know that I love coconut oil for everything. I have a tablespoon of coconut oil in my daily coffee; I cook with coconut oil, use coconut oil to remove my mascara (it nourishes your lashes at the same time!), and on occasion use coconut oil in my hair as a mask.

The one thing I haven’t done with coconut oil is apply it liberally on my skin. Why you ask? That’s because coconut oil tends to a slightly heavier and clogs pores. I did some digging into the wealth of beauty knowledge, wanting to find alternatives oils and found that there are a whole host of oils such as avocado oil, Argan oil, castor oil and Maracuja oil that can be used. Unfortunately, the above listed are much pricier than the average coconut oil, and much harder to find in Asia and Singapore.

Frei Skincare Oil Singapore

frei öl®, on the other hand, is now readily available in all Guardian stores nationwide and contains the goodness of these natural oils, in addition to nourishing vitamins.

Frei Skincare Oil Review

What is frei öl® you may ask? This well-known German brand is the expert in skincare oils. Thanks to its founder Walter Bouhon, a pharmacist, the brand has been around since 1966 and providing quality skin care to both men and women. Bouhon discovered the science to blending nourishing vitamins into high quality vegetable oil, and the formula has since been improved and refined over decades, evolving into the frei öl® we now see on shelves.

In recent months, I have been searching for a soothing body oil for my arms and legs. Spending long hours in the air-conditioning while being on the runway, and running in and out of meetings with clients dries my skin out. I spend time of my face and neck, but unfortunately, don’t spend enough time on my skin.

Especially the elbows and knees, and the random scar from accidents or blisters on the legs, these were problem areas that needed some tender loving care. So, I was excited to read that frei öl® Skincare oil helps with uneven skin tone, stretch marks and fades scars.

The reason why beauty oils have been receiving so much attention, is the fact that our skin has different oils on its surface. And the beauty myth that adding oil to an already oily skin surface just makes is worse, IS COMPLETELY UNTRUE. Oils help to keep the moisture in your skin; they act as the gatekeeper. Our skin needs fatty acids found in plant oils to keep hydrated and nourished and unfortunately, the body’s largest organ (yes, your skin) cannot produce its own fatty acids. We need to feed our skin just as we feed our bodies.

Frei Oil Singapore

Frei Skincare Oil Review

I open the screw cap top and carefully tip the Skincare oil into my palm. Comparing the viscosity of coconut oil to frei öl® Skincare oil, frei öl® is much more fluid and lighter. I rub my palms together and spread the oil around, rubbing it all the way up to my elbows, and enjoy how silky smooth the oil feels.

Unlike other oils, my hands don’t feel as though they have been dipped in an oil slick; there was no need to wash my hands. After about 30 minutes, I run a finger over my arms and find that the Skincare oil has completely been absorbed by the skin. My skin is left with a healthy sheen with no sticky residue.

Frei Oil Singapore Flatlay

Wondering what makes frei öl® so effective, I did some digging into the ingredients. Interestingly enough, the main ingredient in the Skincare oil is coconut oil and glycerin! Listed on the top of the ingredient list as caprylic/capric triglyceride, this is a combination of plant sugars and fatty acids. No wonder frei öl® Skincare Oil is so much silkier in texture!

Jojobal Oil Sunflower Seed






Adding to that, you will see Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, more commonly known as sunflower seed oil and Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, which is jojoba seed oil. So in this bottle, not only am I using a product with my favourite coconut oil, it is packed with other goodness such as jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil and aloe extract! How’s that for feeding your skin goodness. I might consider having frei öl® Skincare Oil for breakfast!

I was even bold enough to use frei öl® on my lips, and the results are the same. My lips were left feeling soft and supple in just about 5 minutes, making it easy for me to apply a matte lipcolour with just one sweep of the wand.

You know the scaly, cracked skin which you get on your elbows (yes, those are real!)? They happen when your elbows don’t get enough exfoliation and moisture. I, thus, highly recommend applying frei öl® to your elbows, heels, knees and thighs. To start seeing the effects, you will want to regularly apply the Skincare oil, at least once a day after a hot shower, for about 4 weeks.

Frei Oil Product Range















frei öl® has a whole range of other items including facial oils that pampers the skin and supports cell renewal, and I am quite excited to try the ones with anti-aging and hyaluron lift. It is time to up your beauty game by incorporating a frei öl®.

frei öl® can be found nationwide at Guardian Health and Beauty Stores, and online retailers such as: Maimee’s Corner, Red Mart, Lazada.

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