14 Things I Love About Being Married

Till this day, 18 months into the marriage, I still find it strange when friends ask me, “SO HOW IS MARRIED LIFE?” Once I finish giving them a quizzical look, my usual response is a shoulder shrug and a blasé, “No big difference.”

“WHAT? How is that possible?”, they exclaim.

To many, taking the plunge and getting married may seem like a risky move. It seems a significant shift in lifestyle is to be expected, but to be honest, things have either remained status quo or only gotten better. Today being Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be appropriate to share some of the things I love about my significant other.


1. We always share food!
Want to try both the fish and the chicken on the menu? Now you can order the other main and not worry about wasting any food.

2. He takes care of me.
On the topic of food, H ensures that I am always well-fed, and is mindful of my well-being and health.

3. We can be weird together.
Singing at the top of our lungs, dancing badly or passing gas, there is nothing that seems out of place when there is someone else who does it too.

Couple Goals

4. He balances me.
H is definitely the optimist in the relationship, while I am the realist and pessimist.

5. We share secrets.
There’s nothing I can’t share with him.

6. We can be honest with each other.
Being married means having to be call each other out from time to time. But we know that we do it with the best intentions and to help one another grow.


7. We divide and conquer.
Whether it’s household chores, cooking together, being at an event or a work task, having an extra pair of hands is always helpful.


8. He is the best pillow.
Long journeys on an airplane or caught in a traffic jam? H’s shoulders or lap make for a very comfy place to nap.

9. He is an early bird.
For all the early call times, H is the alarm clock that does not stop until I get out of bed.

10. He lets me annoy him. 😀
Enough said.


11. My best travel buddy.
H enjoys traveling as much as I do and isn’t afraid to rough it out. We have been on some very exciting travel adventures and I could not ask for a better travel partner.

12. We get the best of both worlds.
Although H grew up in a Taiwanese family, growing up in the States does give him a different view of the world. We have thus, had to learn and adapt to each other cultures. He had to learn more about the Chinese traditions in Singapore and vice versa. It is also fantastic that we get to visit new parts of the States when visiting family.

13. He makes the effort.
H puts in effort into our relationship and that is important especially after marriage. A couple must put effort into keeping the flame alive – be it going on regular dates, keeping oneself in good physical shape, the key to a happy marriage is to keep up the same thing that got your partner interested in the first place!

14. An abundance of hugs and kisses.
Especially after a long day or when things aren’t going right, a hug and a kiss from H can make me feel much better.

Valentine's Day Couple

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