Choosing a Good Mattress

Hilker Mattress Singapore Millenia Walk Choosing a Good Mattress

There is a good reason they say there is nothing like coming home. After a heavy travel schedule, I always welcome a restful sleep and lounging in my own bed. Sleeping in any airplane seat is never the best because of the awkward positions of my long limbs and lack of proper support. Add to that, it is essential that I get a good rest every time I train with heavy weights. The body needs sleep to repair itself since it has been pushed beyond its limits. Usually, I clock about 7-8 hours of sleep. Anything less and I become a grumpy bear.

To be honest, buying a mattress was never one of those things that crossed my mind. Since most of us live with our parents, the responsibility has usually fallen on them. But since we moved into a new apartment in Manila, H and I had to buy one when the mattress that came with the rental gave us back problems after a week of sleeping in.

So, when I back in Singapore last month, I had the pleasure of visiting the flagship Harvey Norman store in Millenia Walk to learn about sleep and what makes a good mattress from the Hilker team.


Hilker Mattress Singapore Millenia Walk Choosing a Good Mattress

Hilker is a German brand that has been around since the founder Ernst Hilker started a small furniture business in 1888 suppling doors, windows and single pieces of furniture. The company is a pioneer in the furniture industry in Germany with Royal awards and certificates when Ernst Hilker II took over in 1920s.

Hilker continued the expansion of business from furniture to home including mattress manufacturing with the same focus on excellent quality, reliability and modern design. Besides a tremendous love for detail, the current brand owner – Ernst Hilker IV also emphasizes ecological and sustainable production. Hilker is now aiming to use their experience from four generations to shape a better future with more global presence.


Jess, the head of marketing for Hilker, met me as I wandered my way into the mattress section of Harvey Norman and welcomed me with a bright smile. After a short introduction of the Hilker brand, she informed me that unlike other brands that only use pocket coils or foam in their mattresses, Hilker uses BOTH pocket coils for support on the spine while you sleep, and a cushy foam top that is luxurious as well as cooling.

She asked, “Do you know what kind of a mattress you are sleeping on?”

“A foam mattress in Singapore, if my memory serves me right,” said I. I remember asking my mom for helping when H and I were mattress shopping in Manila and she said the one we have in Singapore is a foam mattress.

Hilker Mattress Singapore Millenia Walk Choosing a Good Mattress

“Great, do you know which type of foam it is?” was the next question. Errrr… If this was the final question of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, I would have lost the game. I had absolutely no idea. According to Jess, there are 4 different types of foam mattresses that are available in the market. Hilker uses full latex from Belgium which is the highest quality of the 4.

Hilker Mattress Singapore Millenia Walk Choosing a Good Mattress

Then, came the fun part. Jess said that the best way to choose a mattress … WAS TO LIE IN IT.

Hilker Mattress Millenia Walk Singapore

That should make total sense since you have to test the item the way you would use it , but I was a tad shy and embarrassed to be lying on the mattresses out in the open! So I jumped onto the first mattress in a sitting position, but Jess commented that I really should be lying it in and also provided some other helpful tips on how to choose a good mattress:

Hilker Mattress Singapore Millenia Walk Choosing a Good Mattress

1) Lie, don’t sit, on the mattress.

2) Lie with your feet on the mattress for about 15-20 minutes. The longer you lie on the mattress the better.

3) First lie on your back for about 5-7 minutes, then turn and lie on your side.

If you think about it, it makes total sense because you spend a good 6 to 8 hours on the mattress at night when you sleep. And I am assuming that most people sleep alike: on the backs or on their sides. So it is thus important to test the mattress just as you would use it at home.

I spent about an hour trying a range of Hilker mattresses. Jess got me to experience a regular pocket coil mattress, to a regular foam mattress before advancing me to the combination pocket coil and foam mattresses that are the best sellers of the Hilker brand. Hilker’s FINGER TOUCH Micro Hybrid Coil is the latest feature of Hilker mattresses, which can be found in the Quad HD Coil Mattress System. What these mean is that the coils of the HIlker mattresses are much smaller in diameter, half to be exact, of other brands. This allows Hilker to pack in more coils per mattress surface, and in turn, provides better weight distribution and spine alignment for anyone sleeping on it! In fact, with the Quad HD Coil System, the Hilker mattresses has FOUR layered of pocketed spring coils unlike other brand that only pack 2. Because of this global breakthrough technology, there are about 10,000 pocket coils in a Hilker mattress.

How does the extra coils feel to the user? Well, for one, you first need to know if you prefer sleeping on a hard mattress or soft mattress, which is only dependent on the top layer. I mentioned to Jess that I much prefer a slightly harder mattress, but one that didn’t feel as though I was sleeping on a plank of wood. She then directed me to one that had a plush top, but was also the exact hardness that I was used to at home. The difference in what makes a good mattress is the support of your lower back and how the mattress hugs the body as you move about on the bed. This is the kind of support that comes from the FOUR layers of coil. And sometimes crawling into bed at the different hour from H, I never want to disturb his sleep and vice versa. So have the smaller coils prevents unwanted disturbance to your partner.

Hilker Mattress Singapore Millenia Walk Choosing a Good Mattress

The one pictured above was the exact feel that I wanted. Cushy, but firm as latex foam top hugged the curved of my body, and I could feel after lying on the bed for about 15 minutes, how the pocket spring coils resisted and pushed against my body. Not only do these coil provide extra support during your sleep, the fact that they are made of titanium alloy means while you are sleeping negative charges are taken away from your body! Using electronic devices like smart phones and laptop creates an electromagnetic field around us and causes soreness and joint stiffness. Sleeping on a mattress that removes the negative charges means waking up with less pain and feeling more refreshed!

As you can see, I eventually got very comfortable on the bed and really made myself at home on the Quad Coil HD mattress after returning from a week long travel in Hanoi for the Vietnam International Fashion Week. Haha. A well deserved break I must day. And what a superb job to be testing mattresses all day. I would definitely take the time in the afternoon when I have a free day to come with some friends and make a slumber party out of it.

Hilker Mattress Singapore Millenia Walk Choosing a Good Mattress

And funnily enough, I bumped into Cheryl Wee who also happened to be at the Harvey Normal Millenia Walk to try some mattresses too! Now, that really put the mattresses to test. We chilled and caught up because it had been a while since we last saw each other.

Hilker Mattress Singapore Millenia Walk Choosing a Good Mattress

And you know the Hilker mattress was a good one when we both stayed on it for a solid 30 minutes making a slumber party right there and then, until we both had to leave for our next appointments. The experience of trying out the mattress was way more fun when with a friend. If you’re heading down to Harvey Norman Millenia Walk to experience the HIlker mattresses, don’t be shy to kick your feet up and bring a friend along to experience the plush mattresses and feeling of sleeping on cloud nine.

This is a sponsored post courtesy of Hilker mattress

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