30 Things I am Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Palawan El Nido

Palawan was just the perfect time to take a breather and stop and reflect for Thanksgiving, and just before the year comes to a close. Wow, can you believe it is almost already December? Who’s ready for 2017?

I try and give thanks and gratitude daily because there is so much to always be happy about, but I thought I would pen them down here. These are just some of things I am thankful for.

1. I am thankful for being able to wake up daily and do the things I love with social media, fashion, styling and brand management.

2. I am thankful for my family who are ever so supportive and patient with me for embarking on this entrepreneurial journey in an new country. They are my #1 fans and the best cheer squad one could ever ask for!

3. I am thankful for H who is always by my side, a wonderful partner and an ever-encouraging, dedicated husband.

4. I am thankful for my Curators team who work tirelessly when I am traveling holding up the business and handling our orders! This one is for you, April!

5. I am thankful for the friends I have made here in Manila who are supportive of my work and that we got to collaborate time and time again, including the most recent Palawan trip!

6. I am thankful things are finally moving and picking up with our business. Entrepreneurship is never an easy journey in the beginning.

7. I am thankful for my Nuffnang Singapore and Nuffnang Philippines family who work behind the scenes to help me manage my social media profiles.

8. I am thankful to my beautiful girl friends who pick me up when I am down and motivate me daily. You know who you are babes! Love you ladies SOOOO much!

9. I am thankful for my health and well-being. That despite my hectic schedule, I still manage to take good care of myself and I am stronger, fitter and feel better than I ever have.

10. I am thankful that we live so close to that gym too! It helps me check out when things get stressful.

Manila Philippines Sunset

11. I am thankful to have an amazing view with our apartment! We get to overlook beautiful greenery and watch amazing sunsets daily.

12. I am thankful for friends in every country that I travel to! Whether the recent KL trip with Carey, celebrating Nadine’s wedding and new found friends in twins Thanuja and Anuja, or in Paris when I bumped into my 2 favourite bloggers MillyQ and Bao Bao, I am never alone.

13. I am thankful for the abundance of good and healthy food options close to where we live.

14. I am thankful for meeting people who are willing to share their experiences so I can learn.

15. I am thankful to the people who have hurt and betrayed me because they have taught me to forgive, move on and invest my time into things that matter.

16. I am thankful that H loves to work out and cook as much as I do!

17. I am thankful for all the brands that I worked with, both past and present. Thank you for believing in me and in my brand.

18. I am thankful that my parents and grandparents are in good health, and I get to see them each time I go back. Family is everything!

19. I am thankful for my in-laws that are supportive of H and my relationship.

20. I am thankful to be able to experience new adventures and new countries.

21. i am thankful for all the opportunities that present themselves. I love that I go to work each day with excitement and drive!

22. I am thankful for all the friends I have made through blogging and I am able to stay in touch with them through social media and technology.

23. I am thankful to have access to clean water and sanitization because there are many others that do not.

24. I am thankful for my friends in Singapore who make the time and effort to meet up with me when I am back even though their schedules are packed too.

25. I am thankful to be inspired by the things I see, hear and be surrounded by positivity every day.

26. I am thankful to be able to live my life both online and offline! Being online helps me reach out to a wider audience and also helps me take stock of the wonderful things that happen offline.

27. I am thankful for the abundance of beauty products in my closet which I can take care of myself with.

28. I am thankful to be able to learn each and every day. I love reading and catching up with the news.

29. I am thankful for my blog where I get to share my thoughts and express myself freely.

30. Last but not least, I am thankful for you for taking the time to read this post and for the support through the years that give me a reason to continue blogging.

Thank you!

Putting a list together is so great because you take stock of the wonderful things around you and get to tell the people you love how much you appreciate them. Have you put a lis together? What’s on your Thanksgiving list?

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