Before the Miss Universe Singapore 2016 Finals

Just 3 days till a new girl takes the title of Miss Universe Singapore 2016. This is the first year the Miss Universe Singapore finals will be streamed on the Miss Universe official app. Ever since the contest got pulled from the local television station back in 2008, the winners have been crowned either at ticketed events or behind closed doors. I remember back in 2011, we walked the stage in the Shangri-La hotel ballroom to a crowd of about 400.

Miss Univere Singapore 2015 2011 Lisa Marie White Valerie Lim

Last year’s winner, Lisa Marie White, was selected in a closed door judging panel and then later presented at the Formula 1 after party show.

2016 Miss Universe Singapore Finalists

This year, the 2016 contestants were presented to the press at the Singapore Turf Club. The same weekend, they rocked the runway at the Formula 1 after party in Amber Lounge wearing Max Tan.

Miss Universe Singapore 2016 Finalist Formula1 Amber Lounge Party

I was thoroughly impressed by their performance on stage. These girls walked and carried themselves like models. After meeting the girls twice now, I have my bets on who will place Top 3, but the real competition comes down to the finals itself. The girl who clinches the title on the day has to have been consistent throughout the pageant, BUT also capture the judges attention on stage that very night.

So prior to the crowning on Sunday, I thought I would share some pageant tips that I have picked up along the way.

Miss Universe Singapore 2016 Finalist Formula1 Amber Lounge PartyMiss Universe Singapore 2016 Finalist Formula1 Amber Lounge PartyMiss Universe Singapore 2016 Finalist Formula1 Amber Lounge Party

We all know that the contest revolves around 3 main segments:

1) the swimsuit segment (which is the one all men highly anticipate),

2) the evening gown, and

3) the question and answer segment.

But of the three, the two most important sections to helping one stand out are:

the swimsuit segment and the Q&A.

This is not to say that the evening gown segment isn’t important. But, in theory, because the evening gown walk is much slower, most girls (even the ones who cannot walk), will do well. Thus, it is important to score well during the swimsuit segment to get an edge. To score well during the swimsuit, you must have a lively, confident walk.

No doubt, it is daunting to be walking almost completely naked in front of a crowd of strangers. Who wouldn’t be nervous?! It is during the swimsuit segment that the judges see most clearly your physical flaws and strength. Yes, it takes some physical training to be able to totter about in the highest of heels. That’s the strength I am talking about. But, there is also mental strength. The idea behind this is to be able to be confident while being in an absolutely vulnerable position.

So, in the swimsuit segment, you must show how comfortable you are in your own skin.

Now some would say that the Q&A is the most dreaded segment, but I beg to differ. This is the part where you really get a chance to prove you are a combination of brains and beauty. This is what helps make an impression on the judges. I always find that injecting humor and wit into your answers leaves a deeper impression. That, however, takes some practice. Thus, the best way to tackle a question and answer, is to

answer honestly. 

Speaking from the heart, and drawing from personal experience makes your answer unique… to you. You may get posed the same question as the other girls, but how you own the answer will allow the judges to get to know you a little better. Don’t forget, up to this point, all they have seen of you is your physical beauty. So this is the opportunity where the each one of the girls have to prove their inner beauty.

Miss Universe Singapore Shi Lim Nuraliza Osman Valerie Lim

This is the same tip and advice from 2013’s winner, Shi Lim (picture left), who also adds, “Just enjoy the moment and not think too much.”

Miss Universe Singapore Lynn Tan Shi Lim Valerie Lim

Miss Universe Singapore Lynn Tan Shi Lim Valerie Lim

From all the past winners, we are looking forward to welcoming the girl to our sisterhood.

Good luck ladies!

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