2016 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy 2016 lovelies!

There is no better time than the first day of the new year to start fresh on a clean slate. Whether it is habits that we want to change, things we wish to accomplish, the yearly New Year Resolutions set the tone for the days ahead.

To be honest, I have never been one for New Year Resolutions. This is the single reason why in previous years my New Year’s post on the blog shows up a day or two late, plus I only ever have one resolution year after year:

To keep an open mind regardless of what I do.

Moving into 2016, H and I are embracing our new home in the Philippines and facing new challenges with our businesses. In retrospect, 2015 was most certainly a year of change. Aside from moving to a new country, we both switched jobs and the cherry on the cake was tying the knot… 3 times. So for 2016, it is only appropriate that I lay some ground rul.. I mean make some New Year Resolutions to keep us on the right track.

1. To keep an open mind

This resolution has been a mainstay in my list year after year and it has never failed me. Whether it’s meeting new people, taking a 21-hour layover in between a normally 3-hour flight, listening to a different opinion, dog-sitting even though I don’t have a dog myself, I say keep an open mind, go ahead and give it a shot. As long as it doesn’t compromise the health and safety of yourself or the people around you, why not? At the end of it, you’ll most certainly have an interesting story to write about.

2. Exercise daily

Now this may seem a little excessive, but exercising everyday does not mean just going to the gym and pumping them weights. When I say I will make it a point to exercise every day, it will be a different activity each day. Perhaps Monday I will do the 7-minute workout, Tuesday could be cycling day, running could be the next and perhaps yoga at the end of the week.

3. Play tennis once every 2 weeks

Including tennis into the daily exercise resolution surely mixes things up a little bit. I have always been a badminton player, so learning tennis really challenges me to change up my swing… And give the old grey matter a workout too.

The other reason for this new sport is that H is a pro at it. Since we will also be working together, I want us to have couple time together outside of work, playing a sport he loves.

4. Be positive

Outfit of the Day - New Year Resolutions 2016

Always looking on the bright side of things when the going gets rough is a mental skill that certainly needs lots of training. Being an entrepreneur means wearing many hats and some times that can make it seem as though I am being overwhelmed. Staying positive and tackling each to-do could probably be the most difficult but also most valuable skill in my arsenal.

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