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Whether it is a photo shoot or an Instagram #ootd, “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. Most of our communication is done through non-verbal cues and to change a look from sweet to sexy to fierce, it is all in the eyes.


Aside from eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, I also use the 1-Day ACUVUE DEFINE lens with LACREON technology to enhance my eyes. I always make sure I have my Beauty Step Zero at photoshoots. This is THE step before make up – a pair of ACUVUE DEFINE lenses with LACREON technology.


Did you know that bigger irises signal youth? Science has proven that a thick, dark limbal ring makes us appear younger. It makes the whites of the eyes whiter.

Just look at the adorable baby with his big innocent eyes. You will notice that his eyes are well defined and the limbal ring (the border around the eyes) is clear.

We were all born with dark, thick limbal rings. But unfortunately, as age catches up with us, this ring fades. Even more so, when disease hits. But just as we can enhance and change the shape of our eyes with various cosmetics, there is now a little secret cosmetic that people overlook – the 1 • DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ with LACREON® contact lens. It accentuates the natural beauty of your eyes, even before applying makeup.

If you need more proof that your eyes speak volumes, A study conducted by the Department of Cognitive Science at the University of California (Irvine) also indicated that eyes with darker limbal rings are more attractive.With three different styles to choose from, the 1 – Day ACUVUE DEFINE lenses give my eyes a pop that eyeliner cannot quite match.

Natural Shine

Acuvue Define Beauty Lenses Natural Shine

This lens with the dark grey ring and the gold accent really makes your eyes sparkle. I love the contrast it creates for my eyes yet at the same time,

Accent Style

Acuvue Define Lens Accent Style

The darkest of the lot, the Accent style lens makes me look a little bit more serious and professional, while creating an air of mysteriousness. I usually use this when I am headed for meetings.

Vivid Style

Acuvue Define Lens Vivid Style

I have been using Vivid Style since they first launched the 1-day ACUVUE DEFINE lens range, and I like using it to change my eye colour just a wee bit. This brown is so natural that it blends right in, giving the effect of romantic, soft, dreamy eyes.


As I mentioned earlier, I have been an early supporter of the ACUVUE DEFINE lenses. So when this new and improved ACUVUE DEFINE lenses now come with LACREON technology, I could not be happier. This moisture-rich wetting agent creates a cushion of moisture for my eyes throughout the day.

I used to have problems with wearing lenses for long hours. My eyes are naturally dry. Whether I was wearing 1-day lenses or monthly prescription, my eyes would get dry and unhappy. 4 hours is quite short and not the most ideal situation for me especially when I needed to be out and about at events, rehearsals and on the runway.

For me, the comparison between the lenses was simple: to increase the time I could wear contact lenses.
After trying the Natural Shine lenses at the recent Eureka Hedgefund dinner, I am happy to report that I kept the lenses on for the whole dinner AND the after-party. That is a whole 7 hours – a major improvement from before.

The LACREON technology makes a HUGE difference! There was even no need for eyedrops!


Welcome to the first ever Eye Design Studio here in Asia!

You know those virtual reality studios where you get see yourself as someone else? Well, this Eye Design Studio is something like that, but its focus is to show you how to enhance your eyes.
This was where I got to see for myself how I looked like with the different lenses … without actually doing anything!

Each session with the optometrist is no more than 30 minutes and you get a personalized consultation about what lens (Natural Shine, Vivid Style or Accent Style) works to help you eyes sparkle. I obviously took lots of photos because they were so detailed and even measured all aspects of my eyes!

They measured my iris, length of my eye and then calculated how much of my iris was actually showing to determine how much I could/should enhance my eye sparkle. The Eye Define Studio makes into beauty an art and a science.

See how the Eye Design Studio program showed me how my eyes would be like when I wore the lens. On top of that, it also enhanced my eyes after the Beauty Step Zero with makeup! How cool!

After looking at the pictures, which side are YOUR eyes naturally drawn towards? I will give you a hint: it is probably the one with the bigger iris! No prizes for guessing which one it is.

Instead of just seeing the effect of the ACUVUE DEFINE lenses, you can also go to the ACUVUE Website to sign up for a FREE PAIR of ACUVUE Define lenses with LACREON technology. That way, you won’t just get to see how you look with the lenses, you get to FEEL how comfortable they actually are on you.

Go on, give it a shot and let me know what you think!

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