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I cannot emphasize how important it is for women to be clean shaven – smooth legs, hairless underarms and no mustache! Whether you are an active sportsperson or a fashionista, staying hairless should be part of your beauty routine.

Seeing how the Miss Universe 2014 pageant has just concluded in Miami, it was a huge throwback to when I was competing in the Miss Universe 2011 finals, The swimsuit is always the most anticipated segment of the contest. Whether you are a contestant or simply an audience, you look forward to seeing toned and hair-free bodies rocking the stage. I cannot imagine a beautiful girl who does not remove unsightly hair.

Miss Universe Singapore 2011

But going for regular IPL treatments is not just about being aesthetically pleasing, it is also a matter of personal hygiene. Did you know, having hair in the underarm region can actually encourage body odor?

Let me delve into a little science here. Everyone perspires and perspiration is, in fact, good for the human body. It cools your body temperature down and also serves as an avenue to eliminate toxins from your system.

But did you know that of the 2 genders, male and female, researchers in Switzerland found that samples taken from female armpits had different, higher, levels of a sulfur-containing compound than levels found in the sweat samples taken from male armpits: 5 milligrams in female sweat compared to 0.5 milligrams in male sweat. This is from a source published in the Oxford Journals

So, having unwanted hair in your underarm area creates a breeding ground for this odor-causing bacteria as it thrives in warm and humid conditions.

High levels of sulfur + bacteria = VERY BAD BODY ODOR.

Bad body odor is up there on the list of THINGS NOT TO HAVE – just alongside bad breath.
So you can definitely shave, pluck or use creams to remove unsightly hair, or you can permanently get rid of it with IPL at Ginza Calla.

I used to have trouble with keeping up with my shaving schedule. Especially when I travel and jet-set on short trips, I end up buying a cheap razor from a nearby convenient store that leaves me with cuts and scars … That is, until I signed up for an IPL package.

If you have been following my Ginza Calla journey, you will know that I have been undergoing IPL treatment for months now. Because of my lifestyle, I naturally chose the most exposed areas for treatment: the underarms, legs and knees.

Unit 27 Apartment Bar and Restaurant

I am happy to report that after undergoing IPL treatment Ginza Calla, I hardly ever have to check if I need to shave my legs when I am wearing short skirts. This saves me precious time and keeps my schedule hassle-free when I travel. Once I get my outfit planned, I am usually out the door in about 15 minutes and off to my meetings on time.

New Member $78 Promotion
Now that it is February, I am already looking forward to spending my summer in Boracay. This will be my 3rd year going for LABORACAY and the beach will be packed with girls in skimpy bikinis and boys with ripped abs. If I am going to be rocking a new bikini, I want to ensure that I am hairless in all the right places.

Ginza Calla Singapore Promotion

So I was very glad to hear on my last visit to Ginza Calla, that there is a new promotion. This is one is SPECIALLY FOR NEW MEMBERS!
For just $78, you get UNLIMITED sessions of IPL removal for
– V-line
– underarm
– fingers
– hands

It is not a pretty sight to see a beautiful girl frolicking on the beach with unwanted hair peeking out from under her gorgeous bikini. EEK!

Ginza Calla is always thinking of new ways to reward their customers. They constantly update the Ginza Calla website with their latest promotions. Very soon they will be introducing special IPL packages for adults and students.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to workout to get that bikini body to match my smooth, hairless skin.

Ginza Calla location address
Plaza Singapura, #04-55
Singapore 238839
For IPL appointments or enquiries, call 6238 8850

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