Singapore Kindness Movement – Kindness Day SG 2014

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We are all aware of the famous quote from Mahatma Ghandi.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”.

Mahatma Ghandi You must be the change you wish to see in the world

On the 30th of May, this phrase is particularly significant because it is Kindness Day SG!

What is the Kindness Day SG you ask? Well, we are all born with kindness and compassion, and the Kindness Day SG is a day in Singapore dedicated to all of us to celebrate kindness. It is a day where we remember to perform kind acts wherever we are, regardless of who we meet.

The theme for Kindness Day SG this year is “A Nation of Kindness starts with ONE”. It resonates very well with Ghandi’s famous quote. TOGETHER we can create the society we want, when we each take the effort to be thoughtful and mindful of others and their feelings.

For me, kindness is simple. It includes daily acts like wishing a stranger good morning, smiling to the barista serving me coffee or even just making small talk with a taxi driver. Sometimes it could even be a barista being cheeky and funny! Look what I found on my coffee cup the other day!

Kindness Day SG 2014

I laughed out loud when I saw that. Gestures like this, show that the other party paid attention. Showing kindness is a way of telling another person you value them as an individual and respect them. In the office, leaving a funny note for a colleague is a simple act of kindness that is sure to cheer anyone up.

Kindness Day SG 2014

We encounter acts of kindness on a daily basis. I’ve personally encountered occasions where the bus driver waits in the bus bay an extra two seconds because he saw me running for the bus. Thanks to his kindness, I managed to get on the bus and make it to my destination early. I’ve also witnessed a commuter on the bus who pressed the bell to stop the bus from leaving for someone else who was also running for the bus.

Whenever I can, I pass it on to someone in need. Just a couple of weekends ago, I decided to pass it on and help some teenagers out with their flag day.

2014 Kindness Day Singapore

Another example of kindness is simply paying a compliment to someone. When the compliment is least expected, it is always most welcome.

Communication has been made so much easier thanks to social media. And especially on such a fast moving platform, we need to be extra kind and thoughtful while using these networks. Let’s try and be more kind to each other even though we are behind the screens. The best way would be to share and spread kindness by noting down the acts of kindness and experiences with others on Instagram and Twitter! Not only does it 1) cheer up the person reading, it also 2) inspires others and gives them ideas on the different ways to make someone’s day. You can use hashtags such as #kindness #Singapore #NationOfKindness #KindnessDaySG #makesomeonesday to tag your post so that more people can read and be inspired!

Oh did I mention that just by sharing you can take part in the Singapore Kindness Movement contest? Simply hashtag #kindnessdaysg on Instagram when you post photos or videos related to kind acts that you experienced and witnessed and you can WIN fantastic prizes!

Kindness Day SG 2014

Prizes are Ripples lunch totes filled with Kindness Day SG premiums! Including the Kindness Day SG flower badges seen above. The official flower of the Kindness Day SG is the yellow gerbera daisy. It is easily recognisable as a symbol of appreciation.

If you need ideas on how to capture and promote general kindness, the Singapore Kindness Movement has kindly put together a kindness starter kit for everyone! Go download it!

There are also festivities at Clarke Quay on Kindness Day SG!

Venue – Shanghai Dolly at Clarke Quay
Date – Friday, 30 May 2014 (last Friday of May)
Time – 7pm to 10pm
Ticket – $10 [includes one free drink (alcoholic/non-alcoholic) and a goodie bag worth $25]

All ready and equipped to spread joy and kindness to people around you? Now, let’s do our part to be the change we want to see in the world. Be kind, spare a thought.

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