Sneaker Sunday: How to DIY Your Own Foot Spa

This week in honour of taking good care of our poor worn out feet, Violet and I have decided to do posts on home foot care. Most of the time, we tend to overlook the little hardworkers that we squeeze in pretty pumps and staggeringly high stilettos. Because Sneaker Sunday is about looking good without crippling foot pain, what better way to get rid of foot pain than to DIY a home foot spa. I really like to treat my feet to a good DIY foot spa every now and then because I know I can count on them to take me places. I’m sure your feet do the same for you too.

Remember, feet are friends, not food the forgotten.

So why not indulge your friends a little as a way of saying thank you? I promise they will thank you and show you some fancy footwork afterwards. No no, I’m not talking about any expensive foot treatment or treatments that require live fish. This blog is about going green remember? We do it DIY style here.

To pamper your feet, here’s how you do it:
1) Soak it. Prepare your spa by filling a small basin with warm water. You can add in one or two drops of essential oils, bath salts or even soap to really pamper your feet. When that’s ready, put your feet in and relax for about 10 to 15 minutes.
2) Scrub it. It’s time to scrub the dead skin and hard calluses off your feet because the skin has now softened thanks to the soaking. I use a foot file or foot scrubber for the deed and target stubborn areas like the heels and balls of my feet. Remember be gentle while scrubbing because it’s your foot you’re working on, not a piece of wood.
3) Moisturise it. Once your feet is all smooth and dead skin free, moisturise your feet with your favourite foot cream and throw in a little foot massage too. Oohhh… Ahhhh.. Tickly.
4) Nail it. I like to paint my nails at the end of it all. Because to top it off, other than having nice soft feet, pretty nails just completes the entire foot pampering session. I’m quite predictable with my pedicures. I usually go for red nail polish or a classic french pedicure (pictured).

Not sure how to do a pedicure? Violet’s latest Sneaker Sunday post shows you how to do one with cute nail art. Combine both my post and hers and you’re on your way to having happier feet for the entire week!

Sunday’s still not over yet, so break out your nail polishes and start your Sneaker Sunday right this instant!

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  1. May 2, 2010

    I love do it yourself pedis! This is the perfect way to spend a Sunday!

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