Tickled Pink

Pat actually gave my number to Singapore Women’s Association for Miss Singapore International 2007. Well, to be more specific, Marcus gave Pat my number who gave it to Meili.

The Project Coordinator called me early in the morning while I was snoozing and told me about the Pageant. She sent me the relevant information and here’s what the pageant is about.

The Singapore Women’s Association (SWA) started in 1954 with the aim of ensuring a better quality of life for specifically women and children. Our main activities include the Singapore Visioncare Programme for the elderly, Project Nepal for the under-privileged children in Nepal, fund raising for the underprivileged and community services in Singapore.

The Singapore Women’s Association (SWA) has been organising beauty pageants since 1975. This is one of our annual events to raise funds in aid of deserving charities or welfare organisations.

In the past, the funds raised have benefited many underprivileged children, old folks and the community.

The theme, “Beauty with a Purpose” was born. This year we are celebrating our 32nd year in organising beauty pageants.

SWA has continued to adhere to the following objectives:

1. To raise funds for a worthy cause.

2. To encourage girls endowed with beauty to make use of this gift and any talents they may have for a worthy cause.

3. To train the younger generation to be civic conscious and to instill in them a sense of civic responsibility and a desire to render service to the less fortunate.

4. To give as many young girls as possible chances to enrich their personality and knowledge; improve their appearance and poise; and especially to further improve their human relations.

5. To give the girls a chance to meet and live with people of other countries to promote goodwill, friendship, respect and tourism for Singapore.

Number 2 just got me laughing because Pat never showed any sign/inkling of acknowledging me as pretty. I once wore the teeshirt that read, “Dont look at me just because Im good-looking” that Jacky bought for my 21st birthday to class and got teased about it by Pat. He said that the shirts we wear are ironies, ie. meaning Im not good-looking la then trying to act good-looking.
Hence, when Meili told me, “Patrick passed me your number cause he thinks you’re pretty enough to join,” I burst out laughing in my heart.

Hahahahaha! Well, whaddya know. I might just take up the offer. The winner gets to go to JAPAN! Bwahahaha. But it’s all for a good cause ya?

Clubbing yesterday at MOS rocked! The music was awesome and we didnt need alcohol to get high. Haha.. I was pretty high after tech class and a late dinner at Xin Wang HK Cafe and kept blabbering on the bus. Even Kenny said I was extremely animated. It’s been ages since I last clubbed with my biatch and Shilin.

More pictures to come when Shilin uploads from her camera.

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