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Something’s wrong with Blogger. Havent been able to update there which explains the dry spell since 7th of May. Sent in an email/request but it’s been almost a week now. I cant even put a notice there saying to hop on over here. BAH. Apparently Im not the only one getting the problem. Some error 1-500-19. Checked the forums and there are other Blogger users who are experiencing the same thing. Getting irritated with not being able to blog, so Im switching to WP. Been contemplating switching for some time already cause of the additional features that WP offers as compared to Blogger. I like the cut feature cause it’s special. HAHA! So anyway, here I am. HELLO FROM WORDPRESS! Not gonna upload the rest of my old posts cause I dont think anyone is really interested in re-reading them, but mainly because Im lazy la. Teehee.

So here’s what’s been going on recently.

+ Have been spending my time going for castings trying to land some gigs. Recently went to Dbl O for a casting and Im keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll land the gig.

+ Doing Loreal’s hair show gig on Tuesday.

+ Clubbed 2 nights in a row. Friday at Dbl O, Sat at St James. There was some dance thingy going on in celebration of nightlife.sg and OhGenki at St James. There were performances put up by LADC, Attitude Dance Studio, Jitterbugs and another studio I cant remember. We went there to support Sing and Belinda who were involved in the Lindy and Belly Dance performances respectively. It was our first time at St James and we ventured from room to room checking out the music and the scene. Okay, to be more specific, we moved from Power House to the RnB room and from then planted our asses there. The dance floor was small and the number of tables for drinking took up a lot more area than the dance floor. There was a stage and band equipment on it. At God knows what time, there was a live band performance and some singing. Twas like a rock gig and it felt like we were in the mosh pit. Haha! They had backup dancers and I admit I was paying more attention to the dancers than the singer. That’s not to say I didnt LISTEN to the singing. They had a male and female singer and both were good. The repertoire of songs included stuff like Shakira – Hips Dont Like, Justin T – Cry Me a River and other stuff I dont remember. Haha! But like I said, I was watching the dancers and it was a pity that the prettiest dancer on stage didnt really put in the effort to complete her moves. She didnt look like she was having fun on stage either. Given such close proximities, I thought the least she could do was to LOOK like she was having fun and trying to dance well.

We didnt stay long after the gig ended. The music was pretty good, but somehow we just werent having fun. Maybe it was the atmosphere. It felt like we were being watched by guys and girls alike and predators all round were waiting to pounce on us. The five of us carted our asses outta there at 1 and hopped into cabs home.

Dbl O on Friday was a tad more happening given that there was a lot more of us present.

+ After 4 hours in the stylist’s chair and 9 dollars poorer, this is the result.

No no.. I didnt have to pay for my hair cut. I took a cab down to the salon cause I was late. Haha.. This is the hair I’ll be sporting on Tuesday for the hairshow. Not much of a difference dont you think so? It’s just very much layered and a different colour. Even then, the colour is rather natural; a deep dark brown which I particularly like. I dont have to deal with stubborn thick BLACK hair. The Austrian stylist took off quite a bit. As I watched the locks fall, the weight was taken off. It’s a liberating sort of feeling. Thank God that he didnt chop everything short. Im really pleased with the final result.

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  1. May 14, 2007

    Hi hun, you don’t really have to upload your blogposts manually you know. WP do it for you automatically. All you have to do is type in your blogspot address under the Dashboard>Manage>Import! Super duper cool! 🙂

  2. d w e a m
    May 14, 2007

    Cool stuff babe! Thanks for the tip! : )

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