Cant sleep. Must be the Yuan Yang I had earlier at HK Cafe.

The exams are FINALLY over. NOW WHAT?

Oddly enough, after I came out of the exam hall, I felt nothing but BLAH-ness. No excitement, no energy bursting whatsoever. I didnt jump about and cheer my head off like some of the other students did. But I was happy to see the boyfriend (who came all the way down to meet me in school even though he had no exam) waiting outside with a hot dog he got from Engineering.

We went down to Vivo and finally did the couple thing after what seemed like eons. We had donuts from Vinco cause after seeing them on Mya’s blog, I had so desperately wanted to try them. It was probably the best substitute for the donut place at City Hall which ALWAYS packs long queues. I had been craving donuts for the longest time ever and finally got them partially satisfied today.

6 donuts for 6 dollars.
We had (L-R clockwise):
– 2 chocolate coated donuts with shredded coconut
– 1 chocolate coated donut with chopped nuts
– 1 glazed (or not. It’s just plain. No topping whatsoever)
– 1 caramel cinnamon
– 1 Sweety Cheesy (cheese that was both sweet and salty at the same time. not shown)

After packing 3 donuts and a bowl of Japanese curry rice into my stomach, I headed down for dance feeling like I was going to explode. Couldnt turn for nuts today and I couldnt fathom why. Didnt even get to doing a CLEAN double pirouette today during across-the-floors. I did a triple during centre but I think Fen didnt see it cause she didnt correct me whatsoever. Booohooo! Oh well. Felt incredibly fucked up at the end of the tech class.

Clubbing on Monday at Zouk with the studio peeps was pretty good. There was a guest DJ from the States, DJ Craze, and the music wasnt too bad. But it was a tad too crowded cause the next day was a public holiday. Got a bit of dancing in during the time spent there and had my first taste of a Flaming Lamborgini. Well, two-fifths at least. The rest was downed by the boyf. Haha! Coincidentally May Day happened to be our anniversary and we “celebrated” over McD fries and green tea at Bedok Interchange McD.

Did some gig the other time at Bugis Junction where the bunch of us had to pretend to be mannequins. Here are a few random shots. A friend happened to pass by and caught us all on camera. Embarrassing or what.

Gonna go try and crash now.

Oh. And I didnt get a job due on 9th May cause according to the agent I LOOK TOO YOUNG. WHAAAAT. I need a job.

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